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Make Money with Kvador.com

- Earn up to $11 per 1000 Views.
- Earn 15% of money earned by each user you refer.
Minimum payout $10.
Worldwide traffic is acceptable.
- 100% accurate rates without any cheating or shaving.
- Any type of legal content allowed.
- Maximum Upload file Size is 20MB.
- Any image size qualify to make money.
- INSTANT PAYOUTS 24-48 hours.
- Payouts are processed using PayPal, WebmoneyZ
Mass Upload upto 300 images, Remote Upload, Flash Upload and Resize Options enabled for all users.
- Detailed statistics of your earnings.
- Support https protocol.



All Rates are per 1000 unique views.

- Only 1 view from 1 IP will be counted per 24 hours.

- Ad-blocked visit will not be counted.

- Child pornography is strictly prohibited. Your account will be permanently banned and you will not get any payout. We will also cooperate with any law enforcement.

Any manipulation by using bots, auto-hits/surfers or proxies to gain money, Account will be permanently banned, without being able to get previously earned money.

- All affiliates must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

- Kvador.com reserve the right to modify our affiliate program at any time without prior notice.

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I don't understand some things that happen.

When you are waiting for payment, you write here several times a week.
When you receive a payout and have the opportunity to earn an additional 5% on the next payout, your comments are missing.

Maybe you think there will be no next payouts?
That you will no longer use our services?
But there are many returnees and they later regret not taking advantage of some of the benefits we offer.

There are a lot of examples like this and I try to understand why this is so.
Dear members,

Several new services are in preparation.
As we announced, by the end of the year we will be launching more than 10 new image hosts with our partners.

Now we want your help.

There are probably many reasons why you use some services more, some less, some you don't use at all.

Maybe these are some of the reasons :

Wrongly organized countries by zones?
Wrongly set rates by country?
Limited payment method?
Too many ads on the site?
Script doesn't count enough impressions?

Late payments?
And similar things......

We want you to write us what exactly you want from a service and why you want it.
If you want better rates for some countries, explain why you want them and what your sources of traffic are for those countries.
If you want fewer ads, explain which sites (forums, torrents, etc...) are causing the problem and blocking our services, and they sites are very important to you.

So, we want to know what problems you have and what kind of service would fulfill all your wishes and of course explain the reason why such a service would fulfill your wishes.

Take this very seriously as we are able to offer you personalized services that can make a much higher profit than any service currently available on the market.

Write to us and we will analyze all your suggestions and create services that will be grouped according to your wishes.

Contact E-mail : support@picbaron.com

P.S. WebMoney payments on picbaron.com, imgbaron.com kvador.com and kropic.com be realized by the end of next week. Paypal payments start on Monday (16-Nov).

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New host only for people with special traffic sources.

Details of the benefits can be found in the Report section.

- 1 Popunder
- lower earnings
- but larger area of action

Wou welcome :)
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Dear members,

In April 2020, we literally halved our rates, we blocked adblock users.
That way, your earnings are reduced several times.
Kvador.com may be the most damaged in the last few months, but now it is coming back stronger than ever.

We have now restored everything to its previous state, even increasing conversions for some countries.
We also have a refreshed interface.

Test and see for yourself, otherwise we can't convince you.

If you haven’t tested picbaron.com and imgbaron.com, now is the time.
These three services currently have the highest conversion rate in the last 2 years.

We will soon do the same thing on kropic.com and it will be the perfect entry into 2021.

And also you blocked all accounts and stole money.
Many were not paid and banned. on all old hosting.
And then you will open 40 more hosting sites and it will be the same as with kvador.
A mentally ill paranoid who knocks on all competitors of photo hosting sites.
You will never be the first on the internet. Forget it !!!
Advice to all users, run away from this psycho, he's crazy.
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Write to everyone here so that you know who you have complained about in juicyads.com
Who do you consider your biggest competitor and are you trying to get out of the way?
Tell the truth here openly, to all your users!
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