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  1. PB 2019

    Kvador.com - $11/1000 | No Tricks | Referral | INSTANT payouts - min $2

    Make Money with Kvador.com - Earn up to $11 per 1000 Views. - Earn 5% of money earned by each user you refer. - Worldwide traffic is acceptable. - 100% accurate rates without any cheating or shaving. - Any type of legal content allowed. - Maximum Upload file Size is 10MB (20MB premium users)...
  2. D

    Digitalpush - 100% FREE Push Notification Platform with Monetization Feature

    DigitalPush is 100% FREE push notification platform that allows you to re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website, from anywhere on the browser without limits. EARN MONEY WITH YOUR SUBSCRIBERS Allow advertisers to send web push targeted ads to your subscribers. You gain money on a...
  3. U

    Urly.xyz | Url shortener | $7/1.K views | $1 min. | Daily payout - Paypal | 20% Referrals

    Hey Wjunction users, Urly.xyz is a new leading url shortener with every hit counts for you that plan to be everlasting keeping our links safe for a lifetime. Just give us a try & you will never regret it. We offer competetive package and features : 1 $ min. Payout Daily payout system & all...
  4. joshpm

    Iphostimage.com Affiliates 12$/1000 Share Adult Images Earn Money Amazing rates

    START EARN MONEY We appreciate feedback Please contact us with any queries.
  5. farmec

    ShortOn.Net - Url Shortener | Up to $6.4 / 1000 views | 20% from refferal

    Url: https://shorton.net What we offer? Up to 6.4$ / 1000 views Multiple views from the same visitor are counted Detailed statistics Friendly and easy to use interface Multi - domain (2url.io and more to come) Minimum payout: 3$ Weekly payments via PayPal or Payoneer (every Friday) Mass...
  6. E

    SURLS.CO - Daily Payments , Minimum Withdrawal $1 , Referral 55% , High CPM $16/1000

    SITE : https://surls.co 1 » Payments arrive in 24 hours from the date of request :ok_hand: 2 » The minimum withdrawal is only $1 :astonished::astonished: 3 » We pay to : Paypal - Bitcoin - Payeer - Skrill - Payoneer - Paysera - Web Money - Bank Transfer - Vodafone Cash 4 » Now Referral...
  7. P

    Flylink.io| Url Shortner | Up to $15/1000 views | Min Payout $3 | Referral Bonus

    Hi Guys from the WJ Community, :grinning: Here is a new url shortner pays upto $15 per 1000 views. Rates:- With Flylink.io, you also earn bonus on top of your average CPM. Here is our bonus setup: 1 - Earn $1 bonus every 4,000 visitors you bring to your links. Example, bring 4,000...
  8. t33p

    Shortle.Link | Best URL Shortner | Up to $5/1000 views | Min Payout $5 | Signup Bonus $3

    Hi Guys from the WJ Community, :grinning: :hand_splayed: Shorte.Link is a global paid url shortener which pays publishers for shortening and sharing their links. Being a global ad network it provides its services worldwide and therefore, publishers and advertisers from any part of the world...
  9. E

    SURLS.CO - URL Shortener | 1$ Min Payout | Faster Payments

    SITE : https://surls.co 1 » Payments arrive in 24 hours from the date of request 2 » The minimum withdrawal is only $1 3 » We pay to : Paypal - Bitcoin - Payeer - Skrill - Payoneer - Paysera - Web Money - Bank Transfer - Vodafone Cash 4 » 30% Referral Bonus 5 » We Up Payout Rate ...
  10. E

    Excel.li Url Shortner| Up to $12/1000 Views| Daily Payouts | Min Payout $3.25/1000 views

    Excel.li Url Shortner| Up to $12/1000 Views| Daily Payouts | Min Payout $3.25/1000 views Dear Friends, We would like to introduce our stable and reliable URL shortener oURL.io. Let try, feel and earn up to 12$ per 1000 visits -http://excel.li/ Features: Earn up to 12 US Dollars per 1000...
  11. MarketCall

    Detailed tutorial: $5k with PPcall in Google Ads

    Hi there! ;) We are glad to share our case "How to launch Google call only". The ability to run an advertising campaign in Google with the purpose of "Calls" gives us exclusively mobile placement only; after clicking on the phone number or call button, the OS interface of the mobile device...
  12. joshpm

    Pastecash.com Shorturl | Up to $14/1000 views | Min Payout 5$

    Rules and Conditions for Publisher: User must solve CAPTCHA to get paid. Earn up to 14 US Dollars per 1000 views Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $4.00 You can create unlimited paste. No limit at all. You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system. We reserve the right to...
  13. 8o.ee

    8o.ee - UP to $80/10K views - $1 Signup Bonus - Minimum Withdrawal $2 - Referral Bonus

    Hello for all links Shorters !! Don't miss our $1 Signup Bonus its limited time Offer !! https://8o.ee We offer: Earn up to 8 US Dollars per 1000 views Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life! Mobile friendly website Live statistics for your links to monitor progress Fully...
  14. A

    How to Earn Some Money while using Rdp Or Vps ?

    Is there any thing more than just Ripping Movies ? thinking to buy a Encoding RDP With Admin Access ,what are ways people out there try to make money some are building their own site and attracting viewers and earning through advertising but are there more ways came out ?
  15. biggico

    Biggico - Crypto Affiliate Network | Revenue Share, CPA, CPL | Earn BTC, ETH, Fiat money

    Greetings! Meet Biggico – leading CPA affiliate network. Here you can find a huge amount of Revenue Share, CPA, CPL offers with payouts in Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat money for our affiliates. All offers are handpicked and trusted so Biggico is the best place to monetize your traffic and earn...
  16. S

    speed4up.com SCAM or LEGIT?

    site: http://speed4up.com start upload Files and earn alot of money Speed4up.com is a brand best PPD (Pay Per Download) site with paying up to 8$ per 1000 downloads, best functions, no survey . They are legit, there features: * up to 8$ per 1000 downloads * Payout just 1$ (payout> every Day)...
  17. C

    CloudMinded.org - 70% PPS 70% Rebill! Daily Payouts! Adult Allowed!

    I'm very happy to introduce you CloudMinded.org! Why CloudMinded? Mobile Support! Daily Payouts! Dedidacted app, ZOOM and FTP! Simple,clean and intitive interface! Our Pay Per Sale Plan! The minimum payout is 5$! Daily payouts via PayPal,BTC and WebMoney (more soon) Legal adult content is...
  18. U

    UPLOD.ORG - Free 1 year premium account - Earn $22 /1000 downloads

    Hi there, I represent UPLOD.ORG (also known as uplod.cc, uplod.ws, upload.so or uploadshub.com, change in domain is due to block in some country) We would like to offer 1 year Free Premium account to wjunction members who will use the coupon code while registration. With our higher rates you...
  19. H

    Bits.yt | Ur new url shortner | Upto $8 per 1000 views | Paypal, BTC, Webmoney

    Our web:http://bits.yt Our Rates:http://bits.yt/payout-rates Minimum payment $5 you can earn up to 8 $ / 1000 unique views. Cashouts via Paypal, Webmoney, BTC. Real time stats, updated every minute You earn for all countries traffic Weekly Payments Advanced statistics Refer friends...
  20. Filebebo

    Filebebo.com - PPD $15/1000 downloads - 50%PPS - Daily Payouts - Encrypted Embed Code

    Dear Wjunction Users, We are happy to introduce Filebebo to webmasters, uploaders & publishers. Iam here to explain you all the features, benefits of Filebebo on this thread. Note : Free premium account can be provided for good traffic generating webmasters, uploaders & publishers so you can...
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