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Most of you already know about us. We have been going on/off on wjunction from quite a while now due to some problems but now everything is solved and now let me help you guys make some money ;)

I'd like to mention some updates which took place in recent months:-

  • We now pay via bitcoin and paypal
  • We pay higher than before for all tiers
  • We have recently done a total makeover and improved our UI
  • We reduced our ads (even before we had less ads)
  • We now pay faster - bitcoin payouts are everyday and skrill wait period is decreased to 5-7 days from 30 days.
  • We do bonus weeks time to time and give bonuses to our users.
  • We are over skype, Livechat, email, icq to help you anytime.
  • We have API
  • We have Vbulletin mod for webmasters and they can earn alot with it.

You can find about our reward program details here: ImageTwist - Free Image Hosting, Photo sharing & Earn Money

I would like to take this opportunity and announce EXCLUSIVELY first on Wjunction that we are again back with our $1000 Contest. Details about this content will be given to every members within 24 hours in this thread. Banners are ready too!

Our $1000 contest is Back!!! And you can now apply for it. Read details here.

If you need details about our program, You can visit : ( i cannot post links due to low no. of post, just visit our website )

If you have any issue/anger/complaint/feedback or even love for us, you can contact here or my email directly at hp at ( replace at with @) ;)

Don't forget to give your feedback about our new looks!.
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I wrote you above, Please read.

Added after 4 minutes:

$1000 Bonus Contest.

Hi everyone, We are back with our HUGE bonus contest starting this july (1st - 31st) and here are the details: -

What is the contest and how this works ?

This contest is all about who is best! It's about getting max viewers on your images. Any member of imagetwist who earn most from his images in the month of july (from 1st 00.01 EDT to 31st 23.59 EDT) will win this contest and he takes the bumper prize of $1000. Yes, It's Real $1000.

Am I eligible ?

All registered members of ImageTwist are eligible for this (ofc banned or inactivated members are exceptions)

How can I apply ? ( important)

To Apply you need to contact us and give us your username and tell us "i am in" For example: username123 - i am in. Make sure you get our reply with confirmation that you are in, if you don't please contact us again.

How can I contact you ?

You have 3 ways to contact us.

  1. Post below your application below or private message us.
  2. Contact us via our live chat support
  3. Email us directly on any of these 2 emails: or

Can I post wherever I want ?

You have to work according to our TOS. To win this you cannot just spam anywhere or send fake traffic.

What if I spam ?

Trust me, we will know if you spammed and we will not only disqualify you from our contest but ban you from website also. So if you spam you gain nothing but you loose everything.

Details about winner ? How many, when and where ?

  • There is 1 winner for $1000 reward and money will be paid as soon as his/her name will be announced.
  • second runner up will get $250 as a reward for his hardwork
  • Third, fourth and fifth runner up will get $100 respectively for there hard work

Winners will be announce on 1st Aug 2016 in 07:00 EDT and winners will be paid as soon as winners will be announce according to there desired methods.

Any conditions ?

There is 1 important condition, You cannot request a payment if you are applying for contest. Either do it before applying or do it after contest. If you request payment, you automatically disqualified.

How do we know if you will pay in real ?

Imagetwist is name which is here from 7 years, We have been paying our users from last 7 years that's why are are world's #1. We have done these contests before also and paid out to our real affiliates, not dummy. We will do this time also, if needed users will be ask to confirm on public platform or we will give transaction details.

We reserve the right to deny anyone who is applying for this contest.
We reserve the right to deny prize to any winner who use dirty tricks to get views.
We reserve the right to change rules, close, suspend or even edit prize money from this day to end of the contest.

Alright guys, You have 6 days remaining to gear up and apply for this contest. Let the fun begin!


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yeah you are oldest of all but look the rates are very low and traffic is more on your need to restructure and increase rates

Nowadays some hosts are paying almost 12 dollars for 1k views with only 2 popups (check thread you will get to know who) and you pay only 5.5 dollars for 1k views which is not a fair deal.
We are not in race with spammy hosts, we don't run behind money but quality. We aim to decrease our ads, not increase them. We pay a lot more with 4 ads ( including 2 are visible once per 24 hours).

If you don't care about visitors but just care about money than i would suggest to go with them. We focus on quality ads, stability etc. Most of these host go down in year or 2 or more, they get ban from every other places. We don't want that :-D

I have some users who posted in 2009 and left posting cause they stopped working but they are still earning and getting paid, can you do this with new spammy hosts ? No, you cannot. Overall in long term you earn more with us.

Edit: Guys only 5 days remaining to apply for contest, Don't miss the chance to win $1000!
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you are absolutely right in your approach of decreasing no. of ads.

Now think in a different below

understand that with lower rates only those can earn who can send huge traffic on your site.

but a uploader who can send only 100 unique daily views of tier1 will only earn 0.55 dollars whereas if he will upload images on some other imagehost than he will earn 1.20 dollars with that same traffic.

hence i said to restructure by increasing rates or else you can start a new domain for these small uploaders with more ads and earnings, else you will loose these small uploaders to those offering 10 to 12 dollars for 1k views as these small uploaders really dont care about no. of ads.
I understand your point but like i said, In long term a user earn more from us. Let me explain how - He will earn that 1-2$ for 1-2 year untill that host it up. When it goes off ? You gone tons of dead content and he will earn 0. Meanwhile a user who was working with us will still enjoy earning.

I understand your point but we choose different way of working. Users who uses these hosts work day and night off to earn, Why ? Cause most of the quality sources have banned them.

Our users post for couple of minutes and earn more, How ? Cause more of the quality source allow us. Quality is better than quantity.
Very thank you adder69 , Don't forget to apply for our $1000 bonus contest. 1st user is getting $1000 a jackpot and 2nd runner up is getting $250 as bonus. 3rd 4th and 5th runnerup is getting $100 as bonus :)

Don't miss this chance.
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Good luck to you Gdragron!

Added after 4 Hours 27 minutes:

Less than 36 hours remaining to apply for $1000 bonus contest. Do not miss this chance guys.

Added after 1 Day 11 Hours:

Few more minutes remaining! We won't be taking anyone IN after it gets started.
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I just cant get that much Traffic, im happy with what i can do without spamming that much and im with you since about 4 years now, never had a problem <3