How can I setup my own RTMP site?


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I am interested in setting up my own site to host and stream RTMP live streams.
I have an understanding with laws and such, so obtaining servers is no issue.

My question is, how would one setup a site that simply accepts rtmp and then streams?

I've seen many sites like and and want to make something similar but not for public use, for now just for my own project.

I've read up on wowza and other options but was thinking there had to be a free or simple way of doing this.

I have thought of using something like this for my front end server to handle the 'control':
8gb ram
120gb ssd
This should be more than sufficient, right?

Then for actual nodes to handle the streams I have like 13 of the following sitting idle ready to go (and can obtain more should the traffic get beyond what these can handle)

9x of these server:

32gb ram
2x 240gb ssd
1gbps unlimited

2x of these server:
AMD 6-core
8gb ram
1tb hdd + 120gb ssd
1gbit unlimited

2x of these server
64gb ram
4x 480gb ssd
10gbit truly unlimited traffic

I work in hosting and IP transit, and have these servers setup idle from prior clients. So I was hoping to be able to use them to start a site to host and serve live streams. I do not need to use all of them and maybe just 1 streaming server would be enough to get started, but with all sitting idle I'd love to get them going and using some of this unused bandwidth while creating a full HD 1080p experience whereas many I see limit to low bitrate and 720p.

My biggest question for those of you who are experienced is simply what is the best and simplest way to set this up?

I have sources for the streams and simply need a way to serve them, using these servers with high bandwidth - but do not know the best way. My source video is going to be 1080p and I am familiar with something like OBS and have streamed through other providers before, but want to create my own to allow for best possible speed, quality and for now without ads (although in the future ads may be an option but for now no ads).

Can anyone point me in a direction and give any advice? Ngix is what I've read about alot too and I have basic linux server management skills.

I greatly appreciate any and all help.

Thank you all!

-Alexa ❤
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