Hello New(ish)


Hey everyone,

I have personally been a viewer of the forums for a long time looking at video hosts etc, but only a month or so ago thought about registering. I'm primarily a PHP developer but I do a lot of server and automation work too so I might be able to offer some insight for things like that.

I don't believe in making something that already exists so a lot of my projects tend to have something that sets them aside from existing sites, you can view my current project in website reviews!

Hoping to stick around for a long time and offer help and feedback where possible.

Thanks everyone.
You have been a member since 2020 @INeedAMovie

Hey just to quickly correct this.

This is a group account for our website and feedback, INeedAMovie was an individuals account (Made by Titan) banned for duplicate accounts due to some confusion with a malicious user called MooseKnuckle and a project called sxcvid. So while yes that individual is apart of our group it is not solely his account, he is just a part of the team.

If any mods would like to discuss this we're more than happy to.

This intro was specifically regarding myself who is a new member here and the primary user of the account.
Welcome @RemoteStream

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