Hacxx Proxies and Socks Grabber v1.3 (Demo)


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Don't know where to get fresh proxies/socks or having problems finding working ones? This script is for you.
This script gets proxies/socks from trusted underground sources and show you 10 entries from each source.


Virus Scan:
The file is in plain text.
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I have so many issues with this I don't even know where to start...

First of all it doesn't actually show you any proxies. You're pulling the 10 newest threads from 3 forums' RSS feeds. 2 of which hide the content behind idiotic "hide" tags, and one of which makes you download files from filehosts. It's literally easier and faster to google "free web|socks4|sock5 proxies", click on one result out of many, and have them listed in plain text in a nice table format, with additional info.

Secondly, why on earth use (and very poorly at that) plain HTML and JS if it's something you want users to run locally? Even the hot garbage that is Electron would've made more sense for this use case.

Thirdly, there are free open-source proxy scrapers and testers out there that are infinity better than what you're offering for extra $. Create something people will want and they'll throw money at you. No need to nickle and dime the clueless.

Bonus tip 1: learn to walk before you attempt running.

Bonus tip 2: whenever you find yourself repeating the same or similar blocks of code it's probably time to start refactoring stuff into reusable classes and/or functions.

Bonus tip 3: if you want to keep things super simple why not just pull proxies from frequently updated github repos? Example: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sunny9577/proxy-scraper/master/proxies.json
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