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Dear Wjunction users,

We are glad to introduce you, secure and fully encrypted service. We would like to invite you to become an affiliate. Our service has been established for years as stable, reliable and punctual. We offer a host of sophisticated tools and solutions to make your work experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

Affiliate Plans:
- Pay Per Sale. Default rates are 65% from sales, 50% from rebills.
- Pay Per Download. Rate is dynamic with daily update and depends on your sales. Minimum is $5 per 1000 downloads, maximum has no limits. We count all countries and all downloads.
- Up to 15% additional commission for website owners.

Our Features:
- Individual approach to every affiliate, custom rates, special terms, just ask our support and get quick response.
- Free Premium Account. Unlimited Storage Space.
- Blazing Fast Upload Speed, great Download speed.
- Several upload methods - FTP, Webupload, Remote Upload with extra features.
- Referral Program. Earn 3% from all affiliates you reffer.
- We pay on time, every week - 100% guaranteed!

Rules & Conditions:
- You can switch your affiliate plan once every 14 days.
- File storage period is unlimited, 90 days after the last download.
- Your must honor our rules, terms of service.

- We pay weekly, on Mondays.
- Minimum payout is $100.
- We pay via Webmoney, Bitcoin. Wire Transfer and other payment methods from $1000.

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I have been working with FJ for 4 years. sales have never been this bad. This month sales are down 60%. and it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's not normal to drop that much. something goes wrong and if it goes like this. I started looking for another filehost.
It's not the best month, but it's still not bad for me. Anyway, situation with sales on other hosts is even worse according to their threads. Actually, the whole situation in the world with all these banks falling etc is not good. I hope for the better, yesterday was really good.