Premium Plus | 80% Inital Sale /80% Rebill | $50/1K Downloads

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Dear Wjunction users, I would like to introduce the New Filehost Project (Launched 5th Oct 2022)

We have the options PPS, PPD and MIX.

PPS: Sale 80% / Rebills 80% + 5% Webmaster Tools
Mix: 35% Sales/ 35% Downloads

Rules and Conditions:
File storage will be 90 days from the last download.
Available File upload / Remote upload /FTP upload/API Upload/ Z-o-o-m Upload .
We count every successful completed download 1 time/24H
Minimum payout is $20 USD.
10% of profits will be credited to your account.

Weekly payout, Partners can receive payments in Paypal、Tether TRC20、Bitcoin

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Half a month ago Fikper and Katfile limited downloads to 50 GB per day for premium users.

Fikper 2024-06-02 restored it to 300GB per day,
Katfile 2024-06-04 restored it to 200GB per day.

Today you limited the downloads to 100GB per day for premium users.

Are you and Katfile on the same team?
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Not providing any pertinent information to premium users every time they change their traffic can really make them feel insecure.

Today, on my site, I am prompting users not to purchase a premium plan for more than 30 days.

I hope this restriction is only temporary.
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Please change the link `` to `` for the reCAPTCHA API.

Because the domain is blocked in some countries.
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