Premium Plus | 80% Inital Sale /80% Rebill | $50/1K Downloads

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Dear Wjunction users, I would like to introduce the New Filehost Project (Launched 5th Oct 2022)

We have the options PPS, PPD and MIX.

PPS: Sale 80% / Rebills 80% + 5% Webmaster Tools
Mix: 35% Sales/ 35% Downloads

Rules and Conditions:
File storage will be 90 days from the last download.
Available File upload / Remote upload /FTP upload/API Upload/ Z-o-o-m Upload .
We count every successful completed download 1 time/24H
Minimum payout is $20 USD.
10% of profits will be credited to your account.

Weekly payout, Partners can receive payments in Paypal、Tether TRC20、Bitcoin

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Premium price without notice of change, high gateway fees, some as high as 100%;

Download transmission without notice of change, and premium download speed less than 15m/s.

Please increase the download speed for premium users.
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Please add cryptocurrency purchase options (not Resellers)
The download speed is unlimited.
Yes, we will add Crypto soon.
The download speed is unlimited.
Yes, we will add Crypto soon.

These are the feedback points I've received from users who have purchased your membership and received help from you.

As an uploader, I am satisfied with the upload speeds.

However, the download transfer speeds for premium users have dropped drastically. At the same time, the premium membership fees have increased instead of decreased, with the lowest gateway fee exceeding 30%+, which is too expensive.

These issues are indeed puzzling.