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What are your favourite backlinking activities. I see a lot of link exchanges on here but some say they are dangerous.

What is your thoughts on this?

I seen this idea on this site:

Create a Prize Award

A unique and creative way to gain backlinks to your website is to offer a yearly prize reward to those in a niche you are targeting.

You have lots of potential for how you can do this. You can do monetary prizes for:

  • Best website design
  • Best business idea
  • Best business innovation

Would this work?


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There are many activities to gain quality backlinks --
1. content sharing on article, web 2.0 on guest post sites
2. Share your quality images on social media sites and image sharing sites
3. make ppt and its submission
4. make video and its promotion


Here are the activities for backlink creation
  • Profile creation on High PA/DA websites
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog commenting on do-follow websites


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To build high-quality backlinks, you need good quality content. It is crucial to building strong backlinks for your business or get someone else to do this for you.

You can increase the number of backlinks through Guest Posts, Web 2.0 Creation, Social Profile (IFTTT) Syndication, PDF site submissions, Video site submissions, and several other methods.
But in the end, if you accumulate high-quality backlinks, this will lead to both good rankings and high numbers of traffic.

T rank your business on Google page 1, you need to target relevant search terms because 80% of traffic doesn't scroll past page 1 whereas 30% of traffic visits the top SERP listing.

So, to engage more visitors to your website, you can use the “link baiting” technique where a website features content that is so captivating that viewers want to link to it through their websites or social media accounts. Secondly, you can use guestographic or infographics because infographics have informative content with images that catch viewers' attention easily as visual effects are more helpful to drive traffic socially. Also, blog submission is one of the most powerful SEO activities that requires submitting your blog to blog submission sites.
According to me, If you are working in Digital Marketing Industry so firstly your focus in your targeted audience like which kind of content they would like to know and how you can approach your customer so that they will gives you the positive feedback.

If we talk about "Backlinking Activities" so In 2020 Backlinking scope is going decrease because In 2020 "Voice Search" & Content Marketing is in Boom so we are trying to focus on User Experience ( UX ) and sometime you will create backlinks but do you know which "Backlinking Activities" gives you the good value?

1. Trying to work on Highly Trusted platforms
2. Focus to engage in Q&A Sites.
3. Posting a Blogs ( time-to-time ).
4. Join Communities that related to your specific niche/category.
5. Prefer "Guest Posting" to get Valuable backlink.

These kind of activities are mostly used Internet Marketing Agency Miami that's why they will get best results day-by-day.

I hope my suggestions will help you to understand about the "Backlink Activities". Good Luck!
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