Gathering interest for an automated anime streaming site. Management is minimal, most of the work you need to do is SEO/traffic related.

This streaming site scrapes other sites for english subs and dubs. It has been running for about 2-3years already. They are running on wordpress. I personally developed two separate wordpress plugins that automate the scraping and posting of each episode etc, so you won't find them anywhere else. I have never needed to update the code for these plugins since its stable version.

Features :
  1. Wordpress integrated. Works with any Wordpress theme. Probably works best with any grid layout theme. This means it will be comfortable for even someone that has no programming experience to manage. An example of integration is the ability to search for anime (in wordpress the search by default searches the post instead of category)
  2. Wordpress plugins available to manage the content from your admin dashboard. The level of management needed is almost zero (probably once a month to check on things if even necessary)
  3. Literally 0 management, although there are some management tools available if you wish. It even detects for new seasons etc.
  4. Includes English subs and dubs. Currently they are setup as such - and
  5. Multiple mirrors (at least 2), including HD mirrors. All mirrors are external - e.g you don't host anything yourself.
  6. The whole site can be ran on any decent shared hosting. So this means your costs for hosting will be very very little.
Comes with :
  1. The domain name of course.
  2. The database and website files for both sub and dub sites.
  3. Free migration and setup to any host of your choice, or if you want to take over my server.
  4. Guidance on how to use the plugins etc, and if your a developer too, I can tell you the code structure etc.
Cost breakdown for running this setup :
  1. A decent shared hosting. It even works on namecheap's $8.88/yr promo shared hosting. They run multiple shared hosting promotions every year, so if you want to retain low expenditure, an option is to migrate your server.
  2. The domain name (you can renew for $10.11 at cloudflare)
So the costs can come down to as low as $18.99 !

I admit though, that the plugin has a few minor stuff not implemented, but it doesn't hinder your management in any way (how else have the site been running for years without me touching it?)

Let me know if you have any questions, or pm me if you are interested. Looking for XXXX


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2K UV according to CF so I think maybe your real visitor is not more than 700-800 and you looking for XXXX ?


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Damn, I wish I could go off cloudflare analytics, I'd have 3x traffic - try installing google analytics....
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