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Hello guys,

TubeCorporate came out with a brand new outstanding format that will blow your mind!

Floating Banner (so-called 'in page' push) is a display solution that provides by a small banner that looks like push notification and located in one place regardless of scrolling.

Top 5 advantages of our new product:
-Can be installed in 6 various positions (lower right corner by default )
-Frequency can also be customized as you wish.
-Custom feeds for you: mainstream or adult - you choose!
-High eCPM on almost all GEOs !!
-SSL-certificate isn't required

We offer to test this format for a single day period to estimate an average revenue you can get with it. Once it completed you get knowledge about the daily earnings you can get with us.

If you already use our push, then with our new format you will double profit in the very first days and you don’t even have to do anything for this! Just write to us!

You only live once:man_dancing:


Feel free to get in touch with us in any comfortable way for you:

email: [email protected]
Skype: live:.cid.82ddf085b14cc97
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Here's a list of avg CPM on the main Geo`s (yesterday data)
Note: CPM can differ caused by the market fluctuations

Desktop/Mobile (floating banner)
US - $0.32/0.41
IN - $0.19/0.28
DE- $0.50/0.69
FR- $0.42/1.03
GB- $0.40/1.09
TH - $0.21/0.53
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