1. UnknownGuy

    Iframe script? multiple embeds in a iframe

    Hello, I was looking for maybe a script, using which I can put multiple embed links into an iframe and viewers can switch to those different embeds inside the iframe freely. This is how it would work: cloudplayer note: rather than relying on other websites I would like to install the script on...
  2. T

    Help needed: wp_embed_register_handler()

    Hello, I need help to register a new embed handler for my wordpress website. I dont know how to do it. Tried many website with info on how to do it, but I havent been succesful so far. Im not a coder or anything. I tried following this websites instructions...
  3. Martha Giordano

    Link exchange with : Javfuck.me

    my new Vidstream JAVFUCKME
  4. A

    ALTMODELS post your adult videos and earn moneu

    Hallo, I have create a new adult tube site ALTMODELS where you can embed your videos from Openload , Rapidvideos, Pornhub and earn money. After registering in the control panel you will find instructions for adding videos. Simple rules: - do not add duplicate videos - add good quality videos...
  5. Rejith R

    Embed Adult Videos & Earn Money

    Embed Adult Videos & Earn Money ( closed ) CLOSED
  6. P

    using google drive to host videos for site

    As the title says, is it a good idea to use drive to host porn videos and embed to a site?
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