1. foud003

    Selling 50 openload porn videos with tags, image, title, category (18000 video available)

    hello, i'm fouad and i offer for you 50 openload videos for just 5$ you have a possibilities to choose what the category do you want i will dilliver for you a CSV file with additional informations ( title, image links, category , and your openload video link) Gift for you :heart_eyes: i upload...
  2. P

    using google drive to host videos for site

    As the title says, is it a good idea to use drive to host porn videos and embed to a site?
  3. R

    newbie with small cash

    hi, i'm in the adult biz since a couple of months and still struggling to get my website ranked. i'm here to learn by reading how other webmasters succeed or falls and don't make the same mistakes. i'm also interested in buying (adult) websites with revenue :) cheers. Rick
  4. dewshare

    AdsWick.com Adult Dating Affiliate Offers

    AdsWick is a World Wide CPA Affiliate Network & High Performance Marketing Agency. Since 2015 AdsWick has been ranked as one of the best CPA Network solutions for dating, gambling and adult. Nowadays adswick.com connects 2000+ advertisers, tracks daily 20,000+ conversions. With AdsWick you...
  5. R

    How to earn by uploading Adult Video - Like Pornve, Bitporno!!!! Please share

    Hi anyone, Please share Any forum accepting sharing adult Link video? Any sites accepting sharing adult embed video?
  6. xxxvdos

    Link Exchange - Adult Site | Desi Porn | English |

    im looking for link exchange for adult site. if you like pls PM site list http://desixnxx.pw http://xxxvdos.pw http://imghub.pw (adult image hosting)
  7. P

    i'm Really want help EXOCLICK

    i was have adult tube but for problem with hostgator about F***** cpu usage and resources limits i get to close the site and delete all data and refund money from hostgator for my bad luck . my earrings in exoclick is 19.35$ and i send they at email , they told me can't do anything should be...
  8. A

    TrafficStars | An official introduction to your Premium Adult Ad Network!

    Hello, Wjunction members! We’re excited to introduce you to TrafficStars, for those of you who don’t know us yet TrafficStars is a powerful, self-serve ad network and ad exchange; buying and selling premium, worldwide traffic with OpenRTB protocol capabilities. We serve over 1.5 Billion ad...
  9. P

    Be careful affiliates.istripper.com SCAM Website

    Hello, i'm have used stripper for nearly 2 weeks, but after i started to generate some money they blocked my account and told me that i'm doing fraudulent practices, i have talked with them and i showed him my websites and all but without luck, BE CAREFUL GUYS. Be careful guys they are...
  10. S

    Review : Asian Homemade Adult Site

    hello everyone, Please review my site : asian homemade porn thanks
  11. MasonUSA

    Traffic Trade (adult niche)

    I am always looking for new trades. Add your website here: http://pornbimbo.com/trade/signup.php
  12. M

    SignBucks.com Brand new paysites and programs to promote! Spring collections

    Hello! As always all brand new sites and affiliate program in this topic. don't forget to subscribe to this thread to find all the new stuff to promote in your niche. Spring has coming :) Busty Lover in following niches: Straight: Big Tits, Boobs, Hardcore Ethnics: American Program: DDF Cash...
  13. R


  14. D

    Titiez.com / ScanLow.com / FlixPrice.com / StorifyPro.com Auction

    Domain Name: Titiez.com Registered With: GoDaddy Inc. Expires: 2018-09-17 Ownership proof: https://titiez.com/wj.txt This is an auction starting price and BIN price are listed on the website. Please visit titiez.com Other domains: scanlow.com, flixprice.com, storifypro.com
  15. putass.io

    [Review] chat.putass.io (+18)

    Putass.io is a rich chat for talking and sharing everything related with adult stuff.
  16. Pein

    REVIEW - Desibahu.com [Adult Stories Site]

    Desibahu.com [Adult Stories Site] - Reviews and Suggestions pls. Site url - https://desibahu.com
  17. S

    Short url for webmasters - oke.io & xxs.io (18+)

    Aloha Wjunction members !!! We launched a Short URL for webmasters 6months before our rates are high as compared to other new URL shorteners. Our minimum payout rate is $24 /10k views, Earn Upto $72/10k views. We are open to you your suggestions/feedback/ideas and opinions about our website...
  18. Pein

    Buying Websites with genuine traffic. Earnings not mandatory

    Looking to buy some websites with regular traffic (Google Analytics verified only). Will prefer 200-500 visits/day to a minimum. All niches accepted. Forums / blogs / anything Send me your website url & BIN via PM. If the BIN is reasonable and can be negotiated, we can close the deal quickly.
  19. Pein

    Need Uploaders / Forum posters on Adult Forum

    Forum - http://openclit.com/ Need Uploaders / Image posters / Forum posters. Use your own upload sites, links and post them on OpenClit.com. We will manage the site promotion and you can generate good income from your links. ----------------------- Register on http://openclit.com/register.php...
  20. R

    Do you have BH dating traffic?

    Hey, Guys do you have Dating traffic? Even BH is OK. We accept BH traffic on specific offers for dating vertical. If you want use your BH techniques you are welcome.
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