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    Selling MediaZ - MultiPurpose Wordpress Theme (Coded)

    How can I get the update for wordpress theme Mediaz? Thanks.
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    Cannot upload files to server

    I am trying to upload a template into vz/template/cache but its not letting me. I cannot even access the folder root, telling me permission denied. I tried with putty to change the folder cache's permissions but tells me operation not permitted. I'm logged in as the root user of the server. The...
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    Website not working, just a blank page.
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    Review: - Music Streaming and Download!

    Don't know how one can review your website if it will not work in browsers with ad blockers.
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    EU or XYZ

    None of my websites are specific to eu. Getting a short com is impossible nowadays so I have to settle for another extension. Even domains I bought and let go, now are for sale for over $1000. I think the extension is important. Used pw a lot but seemed to suffer hits when compared to other...
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    Dedicated DMCA-free Server for Streaming

    Sorry, didn't read tos.
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    Dedicated DMCA-free Server for Streaming

    ovider is what you need, location paris. Been using them for 3 years now.
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    Funny Picture Bot

    I had bought this from here a long time ago and now seems gone. The program has been giving an error for some months. It gets funny pics from Uberhumor and Cheezburger. Seems that Cheezburger have updated or something and so the error as shown below. Anyone can fix this please send pm, also the...
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    cPanel Email problems

    I cannot send nor receive emails through cpanel. After sending an email from cpanel Horde I receive the below email almost immediately. Anyone can help me with this? This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more...
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    Domain names suggestions

    Spent two weeks over domain name, finally bought one, considering everyone who commented here. I also changed the theme and only a small part of it is a webmaster community, as it focuses more on other things. I went with: theparadoxclub dot com Paradox is a word I'm too familiar with...
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    Need wordpress theme

    Anyone can suggest a wordpress theme with responsive full screen image slider front page?
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    Wordpress remove site url

    Can anybody tell me how to stop wordpress from adding the site url before links?
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