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    Nitish's Graphic Resource thread!

    Hey b1gj4v, I use these: JÉSHOOTS | Photos for business or personal use in high resolution for free Ultra HD Wallpapers :: HD Desktop Wallpapers - Free Hi-Res photos
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    Which Software is This?

    Zbrush it is :)
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    Do I need paid account to post in marketplace?

    There is nothing like a PAID account in Wjunction and that is what makes it one of the best site in this niche! You have recently registered and are on Probation. You cannot post in Marketplace because of obvious spam protection reason. Just wait for 2 days and hang around for a bit. Read the...
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    Voting: WJunction Sig of the Week # 3 - Games

    Congrats Raes! Great work man.
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    I love WJ Pic Poll

    My vote is for david since clearly he has put the most amount of effort or we can say that he was the only guy who crossed the 1 minute effort limit.
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    Voting: WJunction Sig of the Week # 3 - Games

    Though the text in #1 needs huge work, I would still vote for #1 as it has the most amount of work done and it came out really well. It was the stock picture in other attempts which really helped them but #1 really had to work out the flow and do a lot of editing to blend in the picture.
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    Exel vs DJlatino - GFX Battle Voting

    That's the spirit DJlatino! Great work, both of you!
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    Animals With Extra Ordinary Powers

    Nice read! Thanks man..
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    Voting: WJunction Signature of the Week Contest # 2 - Freestyle

    ^ this plus if we could also see the stock used. Entry 1
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    LR will be back

    Bitcoins are gaining much heat because of this :D!
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    Tier's Graphic Services - Modern, and Professional

    I see some nice work there in the portfolio. Wish you all the best! You will have some great clientele here in WJunction :)
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    Am Newbie?

    Welcom Ian! Enjoy your stay :)
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    come onliiiiiiineee !!!!

    come onliiiiiiineee !!!!
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    Buying Porn Tube - Budget $ 20,000

    Exactly! DJboutit, Since when do you know all the members here? You are a disgrace to WJ for speaking such stuff for the mass. Our staff and members are trying their best to improve the quality of this website. Stop making false assumptions.
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