Hello to all , I created the website xsado.com about 3 months ago , as the domain says is a sadomasochism niche webpage ( bdsm , rough porn , hardcore... and a bit of pregnant girls too)

What Im selling?

The domain xsado.com with 3 months of usage (still 9 months to expire at registry)

Proof https://xsado.com/forsell.txt

The entire database and hosting files , that means t0he whole script (Wp-Script with all embedders and plugin existing in the package ) , also installed with around 70 videos uploaded with the xsado.com( I uploaded each video twice , one in my main hosting webpage and the other one in another porn videos webpage as a plan B)

The logo of the webpage

224 videos (148gb) already renderized with the xsado logo webpage and ready to be uploaded

Why Im selling it?

I thought it required less work to run these kind of webpages , in the middle I got another job at my cousin's start-up so Im not dedicating time on xsado anymore

Whats the price?

Since the webpage is new and is getting only 30 visitors per day according to google analytics plugin the price is set because of :

The pre-installed Wp-Script plugin that costs between 150 and 250 usd depending on the promotions of the season
The quantity of videos uploaded to the webpage
The logo
The thumbnails of all the videos uploaded and some of the non uploaded are already created
The 224 videos pack renderized with the logo (that requires a lot of time)
And obviously the perfect domain for the sadomasochism niche , is hard to find a domain so related to the niche nowadays , and xsado goes straight to the point and also contains the keyword

220 USD

How Im selling it?

Im selling it via bitcoin , ethereum , ravencoin or i can even publish my domain at my courses webpage for some minutes until you buy it so you can use my courses webpage credit card gateway ... so yes , im accepting cards , but only prepaid ones because I dont want be chargebacked in some weeks...

The buyer goes first , if not , we can check if any escrow/middleman can help in our transaction

Here is the proof of my domain ownership at porkbun domain registrar

Contact me at

Telegram: xsadoofficial
WhatsApp: +54 9 3517387408
Email: xsado.com@gmail.com
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