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    Jan 16, 2008
    I wrote this out as it has fixed alot of CRC errors in winrar...NOTE that the password fix has worked for me before. I just wrote it in hopes that it might work for at least one person.

    Get tired of the CRC errors and wrong password errors? Check this!!

    CRC Errors:

    90% of the time this works for me and I get to keep whats in the rar without loss...some of you may have diff opinions, but I never had anything that didnt save fully. All you do is click on the rar and click the extract to button...then click save broken files and unrar. You will prob still get the error, but at least it won't delete the file after unraring it. Like I said....for me there is nothing wrong with the files I saved. (so far)


    Password Errors:

    Now everybody has seen this error.....but there are 2 diff types of these errors. I decided to post this as I have had 2 of these files already today.

    1. You get the error right away
    2. You get it after you're 99-100% done

    The first error is probably true....the pass is wrong...the second type is like an idiot light on an old ford...why would it wait till you were all the way done unraring to tell you the password is wrong....enough to piss ya off eh? Do what you do for CRC errors...save broken files. Again, you will prob get the error again, but it won't throw away the unrar'd file. And kewl....the file is saved and it works with no loss of the file(s) at all.

    Like I said...maybe some have had diff exp., but it has never failed for me.

    OK...here is more proof that this method works about some CRC errors. I have purposely tried this just to see if this causes a CRC error and it does every time....But it's a false positive in the end.....

    Say you upload a file with 10 parts and one gets deleted by Rapidshare. You still have the file, so you re-rar it with the same exact settings as you always use....but you just re-upload one rar file out of the new batch to replace the one that has been deleted.

    When you go to unrar the file once you have all ten (9 files from the original batch and 1 file from the new batch) you will get the CRC error in the end everytime. But, if you follow the tutorial in the first post and "keep broken files", then you will have all the files and none will be broken.

    I have tried this experiment 3 times on 3 different files and the CRC error happens all the time...but it doesn't mean the file is no good. It only recognizes that the files were not made from the same batch and the only way Winrar can bitch about it is by CRC error.

    So, before you complain about a file...please try this tut...chances are it just might work for you.
  2. sep

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    Jan 9, 2008
    CRC errors are caused by corrupted RAM modules most of the time.
    Sometimes it is because the person raring the file has bad ram, rest of the times it is because the person unraring the files has bad tam.

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