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Hello People,

As a new team and with new customers we the TVStreamCMS team have had a great success and would like for a community on wjunction for all the interested buyers and for those who have already bought.

For those who are not familiar with TVStreamCMS:

TVStreamCMS is the Revolutionary, most popular CMS for creating TV show / movie streaming sites. It is the most easiest and effective way to start a Movie / TV Show Site. We offer full support and lifetime license on all our packages. This Fully Automatic Script is the best on the market and has evolved from the old tvstreamscript to TVStreamCMS. A team which provides support through live chat, Skype and email. A team that cares for every customers success in this large entertainment market! We are the best around.

Check out our site:
TVStream CMS | The Automated Movie & TV Show Script

We recently released version 3.05 with bugfixes and some new features That make the script fully automatic. It add Movies and TV Shows automatically with links and embeds of video sources.

Special discount for WJ members:
use coupon code WJ10% during checkout to get a 10% discount

If you have any questions, suggestions please feel free to ask

TVStreamCMS Team
TVStreamCMS 3.05 comes out with bug fixes and better ad management.

Make you movie/tv shows streaming site today to start making money. We have the best streaming movie/tv show script out in the market yet.

With reasonable prices for the packages and new plugins and Movie grabbers you can start you own tv/movie streaming site within your budget.

Contact us or go on our site TVStream CMS | The Automated Movie & TV Show Script

Hello WJunction Users,

We have come back with a newly developed tvstreamcms. This version is fully automated and requires no work from the owner at all. to check it out go to TVStreamCMS Script - Get an Automated Movie & TV Website

We offer two plans, one for only movies and second for Movies and tv shows both autoupdating.

We will be coming out with some new templates and plugins any suggestions posted as comments will be taken into consideration for future template and plugins.

Also sign up to the NEW forum at TVSTREAMCMS - THE LEADING TV & MOVIE STREAMING CMS - TVSTREAMCMS for support and tips on making money with these websites and joining our group of top sites

Thank you.
PS everything is redesigned and recoded. Forum is new and so is the site.
Hope you guys like it!
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