Top 3 Filehosts in 2024


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemens Boys N GIrls


How are you all ? i hope all is well i know after a long time i m here to share my experiance my research and as always i always give best reviews best suggestions regarding filehosts :)
So let me tell you guys which filehosts perfect for all of you i know many filehosts looking nice days looking awesome now days but yes fews are good and genuine hosts in every department.

We saw few hosts like many great hosts in past time which used to be very good but one host gone from wjunction so i would share what is best wjunction users

according to me top 3 filehosts are :

1 Rapidgator
2 K2s
3 turbobit

few more are good but they changed them policy they did not paid uploaders amount also they changed pps ppd reff rates :) some hosts banning without any reason .
some are really look like cheaters also i dont know why but they use them power so i would not love to give them names I call them scammers :)

So if you really want to earn money if you really want to be earn from Affilliate marketing your most wellcome in these top 3 filehosts :) as i said i will just take 3 names but i would say about they are also good try them also

Please make your account and enjoy your happy earning :)
Top class pps/rebills/reffs/domain sales/ much more
Very trusted filehosts blindly you can trust them they are best in the world
sales falls like a water fall :) trust me
i m not earning anything from my thread i said it genuinely

Wj universe your wait is over finally i m here with this perfect thread
Special thanks to wjunction staff specially to Mr M :)

I m not very best but yes i always give my best :)
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I want video host, not only payment, I want video player that doesn't give a lot of pop ads, for example, I changed my streamtape player to other video host, my visitor increase a lot :relieved: