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Djlatino has some valid points.Places change, people change, some move on, others just stay the same,Instead of attacking him, attack the issues.Everything has to progress to stay alive and cutting edge, but, some tried and true things still work.Boards dont need all the new bells and whistles , just the basic needs of the members.Some one who has been here only a couple yrs can really comment or discuss how it was in the past, but, God knows I can.Id like to see it the old way,people helping people, members proud to be here, not asking others to leave just because they have a different opinion.Djlatino has been here 4 yrs and has almost 2500 posts, he expresses his opinion on everything, helps some out, and runs a successful board, Wjunction is for webmasters,He fits in nicely , just my opinion.


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Some one who has been here only a couple yrs can really comment or discuss how it was in the past
Yes I've only been a member here for a couple of years, was a guest for a couple more also. Been involved with forums since 2008. I'm not blind as to what's happening or how things were in the past.


These peeps who run this joint are grown men who if they don't have time to make changes, they gotta start thinking of something quick.

I'd like to see changes, as other members would, and most of us have tried the "staff is working on it" approach and it's not happening.

Change what? Sure the owners could take WJ offline rebuild it spruce it up streamline it somewhat but the same (old) issues are going to be there. The problem still comes back on members, the community spirit that once was has paled significantly regardless how well or good looking a forum board is. I always put it down to filehosts paying PPD (makes people greedy for the dollar no time for chit chat) & social media as the cause of poor member participation. Am I wrong? maybe who knows for sure.

Djlatino wrote
I waiting for a reply from them, not from some sudden posse group.
It's what you call member participation....
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