All the indications that you find below are for illustrative purposes only, downloading and sharing abusively copyrighted audiovisual material from the Internet is a crime, we do not intend to encourage piracy, therefore we decline any responsibility for the use of the information. present here.
Without wasting time, here is the list of the best Italian streaming movie sites , so prepare popcorn and sit down.
If some sites are not reachable or blocked at DNS level, follow the instructions you find in the following paragraphs, or our complete guide on How to Change DNS , changes that will also allow you to improve your Internet browsing.
The Best Free Italian Streaming Movie Sites
  1. 123stream
If you have other streaming sites to offer, let us know by email! (I tend to avoid sites full of advertising, with burst pop ups)

How to block invasive pop-ups
All the sites present on the internet, including ours, work and exist thanks to the advertising on their pages and so far everything is ok, but one thing is the advertising that you voluntarily choose to view and one thing is the invasive pop ups that you they open and multiply, which no longer give way to close them and get out of them, a really annoying and excessive thing.
Thanks to the Chrome browser, there are settings that allow you to block pop-ups, and exclude others who instead use them not in a harassing way, now I will show you how:
  1. We open the Chrome browser on our computer.
  2. We click on the 3 dots that we find in the other on the right under the red closing "X".
  3. A menu will open where you can click on " Settings" .
  4. Scrolling down we click on " Advanced" .
  5. In the "Privacy and security" section, we click on Content settings .
  6. In the "Popup and redirects" section, we should find by default the enabled checkbox, if we want to disable it or even better click to the right of the "Block" item on "Add", in this way we will be able to insert the link of the site we visit and which we want to block Popups and redirects from .
In this way, we will finally have remedied this annoying problem, I remind you that also just reactivate the check on " Allow Popup and redirects " to get everything back as before.
This little piece of advice will surely be very useful to you, however I remind you that thanks to advertising most websites can stay online, therefore advertising is not always to be denigrated, but a minimum is always necessary and fair.
How to change DNS if some sites are unreachable
Some sites may be unreachable or seem closed, but this only apparently. In this case, to get around the problem you need to change the DNS, to do this you will need to follow these short steps:
  1. Click on the "Start" button
  2. Type in the search field indicated by the arrow "network and sharing center"
  3. Click on the first result
In the window that opens, click on the connection in use (example. Connection to wireless network or Connection to local network (LAN) , the writing should be light blue).
  1. Now click on "Properties"
  2. In the window that opens double click on the item “Internet Protocol version 4 TCP / IPv4” which you can find in the list with above written “The connection uses the following elements:” in the center of the umpteenth window that opens.
  3. In the next window that opens, put a check on the item "Use the following DNS server addresses"
  4. Type in the preferred DNS server address: e
  5. In Alternative DNS Server e
  6. confirm the changes by clicking on OK.
The DNS you have just entered are those of Google and are different from the DNS set by your service provider.
Main Acronyms Videos indicating quality
  • CAM : very poor video quality, usually recorded with a hidden camera directly pointed at the cinema screen.
  • TS (TeleSync) : same procedure as the previous one but with a professional camera, still poor quality
  • TC (TeleCine) : it consists in the use of a special recording machine that pours 35mm films, often present in cinema studios. Slightly higher quality than CAM and TS
  • SCREENER / VHS SCR : Film recorded directly from a VHS videotape made by film companies for the exclusive use of critics. Subtitles that indicate copyrights may be present while watching. Almost sufficient quality.
  • SCREENER / DVD SCR : Films recorded directly from a DVD made by film companies for the exclusive use of critics. Subtitles that indicate copyrights may be present while watching. Sufficient quality.
  • DVD RIP : Movie recorded from DVD via Divx or Xvid compression codec. Good quality.
  • HDTV RIP : Film recorded by a TV with high definition reception signal. Good quality.
  • PDTV / SATRip / DVBRip / DVB-S : Movies recorded by satellite TV. Excellent quality.
  • BDRip / BDMux : The source used to record is BluRay and the quality is the highest available on the net. The audio used is AC3 or DTS and the files are usually in format. mkv o. mp4. BDRips are usually in 1080p format. The abbreviation BDMux is used to indicate that the video is a BDRip, but the audio is taken as a source from one of these sources (VHS, SATRip, HDTV).
Main Audio Acronyms indicating quality

  • MD (MicDubbed) : In which the film's audio was recorded by a microphone, quality from scara to sufficient, according to some factors, such as microphone quality and the presence of spectators and respective background voices
  • LD (LineDubbed) : Audio is recorded directly via a jack connected to the camera, the quality is very good
  • DD (DigitalDubbed) : Audio recorded from a DTS source
  • DTS : Audio of very good quality, DTS indicates the codec used obtained from AVS type BDRip videos
  • AC3 : Audio recorded from a DVD or Bluray or from the cinema sound system often in Dolby Digital 5.1. Very high quality
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Nice Thread to Guide the PERFECT line and length to users to drive the right pay as per region based :)


Great list! There are surely much more sites I would like to add, but would begin with Moviestars as it has low ads. I hate sites with much ads, even Adblock doesn't help as those pops are everywhere.


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Thanks, the list seems a bit light. Adding more for diferent countries would be nice.

In my opinion the best sites for movies is not any of them. I found servers online using a dork that gives me all the movies for free without ads and with the possibility to remote upload them to streaming sites.
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