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  1. john@wwwatch

    [email protected] Member

    Nov 17, 2018
    While I am busy building a streaming website, I gave some thoughts about how should I monetize it, but keeping user browsing experience as clean as possible.

    Some thoughts were paying for premium subscription, but who's gonna pay for questionable content while they can watch it on netflix, even 3 euros was too much. Building a platform based off of crypto token was also idea, but that would require whole another approach to the website which I am not ready to push. Placing pops, banners and such content was always best monetization tool for these type of websites, but that even bothers me when I see it on websites, so that monetization would be reserved for those who wouldn't want to pay.

    And then my brain clicked. What if I can use push notification ads for monetization and that way build so called freemium subscription model? Well, since I am a newbie on that type of advertisements, I contacted my long-term advertising partner (won't name it, so we could avoid trash talk) and asked him if there is a way i could tie user account to a specific push subscription? yep!

    So it began - using their push notification ads and data, I believe I will be able to setup ad-free website while getting some cash off of it.

    How much would it be profitable? Not as much as many of you would expect, but $0.8 per subscriber + cost per mile is a pretty good return, much more than pushing on-site ads. If my plan succeeds, I will be (in cooperation with my ad manager and his firm) offering you "freemium subscription" advertising (using the API), so you could get rid of the annoying ads that annoy every user. (ha, they will be replaced by off-site, more annoying ads, but so what?)

    What this could bring us all?
    - Changing the premium model once and for all - less money spending on premium accounts
    - More revenue to you and affiliates: any non-returning user who kept his subscription active will still be generating you revenue and also monetizing bigger amount of visitor base
    - Better browsing experience on your websites
  2. Mark96

    Mark96 Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2010
    let us try the beta version if you can
  3. john@wwwatch

    [email protected] Member

    Nov 17, 2018
    thanks for the interest Mark. Will most certainly keep you guys updated once I start the process :)
  4. ReneeDaBo55

    ReneeDaBo55 Member

    Dec 17, 2018

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