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40 is a free and easy tool to keep streamtape links from going dead. x.x

How does it work?
Use and Embed any Streamtape link like you would but replace with
(just remove the m from .com ;))

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" allowfullscreen allowtransparency allow="autoplay" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Can I earn from it?

As long as the original video is not taken down or deleted you will earn from it. All the other views / earnings will go to keeping this service online with dedicated servers.

But I want to still earn from it after it goes down!

If you pm me, I can sell and install this script for you.

How do I know you will not shutdown the servers after a month and take all the money?

Look at my profile, I am a trusted member and have never done any exit scams or anything.
I will make a status page soon and a transparent dmca list, where you can see how much files are on the system and how much money I am making. Completly transparent.

I found an error!

Contact me, I can fix it :D

I love your script! Can it handle my 10 Million views a day?

Yes, hopefully! We are build to scale.

Can you make this for other streaming sites?

sure, but I don't have any active ones right now.
the main focus is streamtape!

Thanks for reading...
If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them :)
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How can you handle to videos not beeing deleted? And its for DMCA or inactivity too?
we can't help you with inactivity.. unfortunatly.
It works mainly for DMCA and Deleted videos, feel free to test it out as much as you want.
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