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Hi there new time to share with you about the local SEO or google
seo google map using Google My Bussiness which google is looking to users use this, the use of Google My Business Actually Google just wants to save the business only, but with this article you can still do Google My Bussiness with your personal website offline, The Google My Business Guide is a very good business promotion approach For businesses to reach local customers, sometimes the need to find local businesses is strong for local businesses only. Any company that has a part or all of its customers living in a certain area should consider this type of SEO. It could be a local restaurant, a retail store, a clinic, a law office, a real estate brokerage company ... no matter who you are, if you have a small office that guests Come to visit the product, business partners come to find opportunities for cooperation, you should definitely learn and apply SEO by region. I would like to get a cafe, if you know how to do service. Seo is the local seo, or seo location will be advantage when the customers around you are in search of a cafe, they look for "good cafe", the restaurant around the customer location will return results. Search, that is the advantage that SEO location brings.
1-SEO Google Maps, SEO Local and SEO business location
This weekend, I also would like to share google map google seo, to apply to the customers around you, this local SEO way or it helps to build the brand, as well as an SEO way of words. It's also a smart way to stay up to the top without having to fight a lot with other rivals from other areas.
If your company has its own office, you also need a place to do business, then local SEO is an indispensable option for a successful marketing campaign. But with so many business owners, individuals doing business online, this concept is still very vague. "What is SEO ?, What do I need to do to make the most of this marketing channel? And that article today will get you there.

As I mentioned in the previous section, this strategy helps a lot in areas that attract customers around you, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, if you follow your posts are divided In terms of SEO tactics in 2017, I also mentioned that
google launched the algorithm to pay Local search results, which is the Possum algorithm, the Possum algorithm is also called fun with the name: mole algorithm. Possum is an algorithm that enhances the user's local search capabilities. The launch of Possum has once again disturbed search positions on Google Maps. Businesses with deceptive trick Google on the registration and ranking through Google are deleted or demoted thoroughly. Building a better Google My Business listing ranking.
In addition, Google My Bussiness also helps customers, from other areas through google map will see your business, in general it is suitable for all businesses, but we talk about our strengths also. I can see the limitations of Google My Business that I will detail in the section below.
1.1. Google Map (Google Places) - Local SEO: what is it?
Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business that shows up in the search engines so that searchers in the area see the locations of the closest business they need. Local SEO is focused on delivering results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location. Understanding the organic search results returns to the user results regardless of the region. The domain, it looks in the pile of database chaos and returns to the user. Local search results have additional query conditions that prioritize the nearest and highest quality based on the current location of the searcher. And from that, businesses will find customers more easily; On the other hand, customers also find the service provider they need in the quickest and most convenient way.
1.2. Google Map - Local SEO: For whom.
But many of you say that they are individuals, or just shops that are not companies or businesses but only websites that apply the strategies they share to their seo website, also Like finding potential customers on their website. I would like to answer all of you, just you follow my instructions are fine.
As a rule of thumb, using Google My Business is a way for businesses to locate brands locally, helping to connect guests around the business location, helping customers connect shorter, It's more useful when they find what they need on google right next to them. We can still do it for the individual but we still comply with the requirements of google is only.
1.3. Google Map (Google Places) - Local SEO: Its advantages and disadvantages.
Just like all the things that have the pros and cons of Google My Business, nothing is perfect, I quiz you find something perfect, if you point out what is perfect, I will find its weaknesses, and if you say anything is a disadvantage, I will only benefit from it, so we need to use the advantages of that point is that we need .
1.3.1 Advantages of Google Map (Google Places) - Local SEO.
When you know how to do local SEO on Google maps to determine the location of your company or website, Google My Business has the advantage is that the results of its search returns Google map navigation, your phone number, your address as well as your website. As the result returns more features, the chances of converting the visitor to a higher customer are because there are a number of customers who need to find the right local business or you can get traffice through keyword seo and Search results can also be returned to other local customers if your SEO technique is really good.

1.3.2) Disadvantages of Google Map (Google Places) - Local SEO.

The advantage you see, we will mention the downside that we need to know to be able to use google map in business location seo better. This is the result of the return will be lost Description (description of the article as well as your website, this helps the customer to understand the article or the website they want to visit) if your site is not strong enough, Trust site is not high, can not be returned, as well as to do when google returned google google map when we search it is very difficult, more a business if good do only 1 keyword to google map Only, I was only lucky to do 4 words to google map for businesses in the field is quite sweet potato is the field of freight.
4. Register your address on Google Map (Google Places).
Now is the time to start registering your address on google map with Google My Business service that we can do for the whole business, but you can apply Google My Bussiness in person to seo a website. I will be an example to the individual and I model to seo keyword for sustainable website is someone's personal, this is harder than your business.
You go in here to get started:
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