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I have 13 years of web development experience. I develop scripts, sites and large CMS on native php. I rewrite old projects with modern code. I give long-term support and maintenance of developed sites. In addition to that i help with SEO. 10% discount for cryptocurrency related projects.

Why i chose PHP:
- High performance due to the lack of many abstractions in the freemovers / finished CMS;
- Lack of additional vulnerabilities;
- Faster creation of sites with non-trivial logic (and in most cases this is required for business);
- Minimization of the code, and therefore, the code is more efficient, and allows for better focusing on the problem of the task, rather than on the problems of code and programming for programming, which in turn increases the efficiency of development;
- It is much easier to be responsible for the quality and performance of the site;
- The best control of the reliability of the site in all directions;
- Any student can modify;

My work - sites with hundreds of thousands of visitors and terabytes of data

Work examples: (restored site from web archive. PDF documents) (Roulette on things. Buy a thing for a part of the price) (exchange rates)

Webmoney Business level: 87

You have a desire to develop something, but not enough ideas? In reserve of an experienced web developer, there are always options and even ready-made engines, experimental projects and ideas. Contact us, we will do business together.

- Development of technical specifications 150 $ (up to 5 hours). TOR is developed if you do not want / cannot make TK or a detailed description of the task
- Common tasks: $ 35 / hour
- Long-term tasks: $ 30 / hour (tasks for 2 weeks or more)
- Hourly pay: 25 $ / hour
- Consultations: the first 2 hours of analysis / consultation are free for each client for each task

Payment Options:
- Phased payment with the submission of a report every N days
- 50% prepayment
- Guarantor

Skype: phpquestion (fastest)
Telegram: @phpquestion (fastest)
Email: [email protected]
Jabber: on request
Personal message: (backup link)

Guarantees, active communication during the discussion of the project and assistance in business logic, reporting at specified intervals
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