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1. DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS 1.6.0

Since the moment of its premiere over two years ago, we have been continuously working on our DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS module to further extend the practicality and usefulness of its components. And so, only a short while ago we released the substantial 1.6.0 update introducing the following novelties:
  • The ability to choose the master SSH key for the product configuration to disable the SSH access to Droplets by clients and remove the possibility for them to specify their own key during order.
  • Your client area is now displaying information about the timeframes of scheduled backups.
  • Control over which service actions – power on/off, shut down, reboot – your customers have access to.
Take this general overview of new possibilities as an invitation to explore the module’s changelog in full depth. Do not hesitate to stop by our website and get the full picture of the 1.6.0 module update!

Learn more about new DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS 1.6.0!

2. Since last week we have also released:

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