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    May 24, 2010

    The famous Korean-Electronic manufacturer is known for its pioneer technology in the electronic market. A few days ago, I purchased a Samsung device namely "Samsung Galaxy S8". To my surprise, the infinity display of the device was mesmerizing for me. The Device in general along with all the features it had, made me shift over to it as my primary device for my day to day activities. Which Involved payments, commute, work, habitual music listening and some work out/health-related information.

    So talking about the major aspect of the device which made me shift to it completely was my introduction to Samsung Pay. The Device offered the state of the art functionality and the ability to have my cards being actually stored on the device for quick and easy transactions at a finger scan or pin code verification. Samsung has patented its Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) for its contactless payments which has me going bongos over the same.

    To test it out I scanned my ICICI Bank - Coral - Visa Debit Card on to the Samsung Pay app which was hassle free, I just had to place the card in front of the phone's camera and it scanned all the details and I entered my CVC/CVV pin and it was a successful add to my list of Debit/Credit Cards. Next, I was a bit curious about the acceptance of the said method at my local dealers/vendors located nearby our office and houses.

    First stop was Apollo Pharmacy which is a well known Medical/Pharmacy brand in India, I paid them a visit, Took my medicine list which I needed to buy, Collected the same from the Pharmacy now comes the awkward moment to deal with a 60+ Uncle sitting opposite to the payment counter guarding his credit card/pos machine. At first in a simple tone, the Uncle asked me "Can I have your card?" To his surprise I Said "Uncle I am not carrying my card but my card details are on my phone and I would like to pay via the same", He said "That won't be possible as my swipe machine isn't that advance" and the conversation continued until I was finally able to get him to show me his POS machine. I opened the Samsung Pay app with a bottom-to-top scroll and opted to pay with my ICICI Bank Card and with the patented Magnetic Secure Transmission with a simple placement of my device besides the card swipe slot the card machine picked up the card details and asked me to fill in the amount and the ATM pin of the card to authenticate the transaction. There I had the first experience of a hassle-free payment. And to the Uncle's surprise "He said that he would like to know more about the same", Which I happily explained him in detail on how the transaction was made.

    Tried and Tested Counters:
    • Apollo Pharmacy
    • Local Super Market - Market Point, Star Bazaar, Big Bazaar, D-Mart.
    • Petrol station - The place where they bring the card pos to you.
    • Any store which has a card-swipe pos terminal which is meant to be carried around.
    • Restaurants
    Accepted POS Terminals which I tried:
    • M-Swipe (With/Without NFC)
    • Standard Indian Banks POS Machine (With/Without NFC)
    How to Sign-Up to Samsung Pay?
    Firstly you would need to check if your device is supported by the manufacturer to support the Samsung Pay App, Once checked and confirmed that its supported. Kindly download the Samsung pay app which is generally pre-installed on the device and add your Samsung account to it. Once the app completes its installation and setup. It would ask you for few details.

    • Tap sign-up to start registration. Enter your email as the ID and the password associated with it
    • Next you will be prompted to scan your fingerprints. Register the most convenient finger and finish the finger scan
    • As an alternative, you can also input a specific PIN code to authenticate transactions
    • Use the camera to auto-read card details or enter the card details manually. Enter the OTP to confirm the payment process

    Any transaction that is done through your phone would require NFC and fingerprint scanner, which makes it secure. Only you can authenticate these payments, so it is convenient and a smart way to use your cards digitally. This way you also don’t need to carry your cards around.
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