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Hi guys!

Aleksandra from Rocahead is here
We are truly excited to e-meet you all and to become a part of this forum!

Rocahead - is the CPA affiliate network, best network to start your advertising campaign, where you will quickly find the most profitable Offers from the direct advertisers.
We have a list of exclusives and in-houses in Dating, Adult Games verticals. Main flow is CPL and CPA.

So ping me to discuss the details if it can be interesting for you.

Skype: live:.cid.c7696478f09a8451
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Meet NEW Dating Exclusive Rocahead!
We are happy to inform you that our new Adult Dating EXCLUSIVE WAP WEB Ping4Milfs PPL DOI is ready to accept your traffic right away! Grab your link and let’s go!

Payouts per GEO:

US2 €AR, CL, BR, PL0.4 €
NO, SE, FI, DK2.4 €GR, IT, ES, PT1.2 €
BE, IIE, UK, FR2.8 €TR0.64 €

P.S. If you want to be always kept up to date on what converts best now – check our TOP list or contact us for recommendations!

TOP offers of the week:
WAP WEB SearchingForSingles PPL DOIUS2.8 $
WAP BookOfSext PPL DOIUS3.6 $
WAP WEB SluttyHour PPL SOIAU CA NZ UK US DK NO2.4 $ - 5.6 $
WAP WEB Pinerotica PPL DOIAR0.4 €
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