RevenueHits - Extra monetization in COVID-19 times


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I am Romina, Account manager in RevenueHits, a self-service Ad Network platform for publishers that uses intelligent algorithms designed to monetize your online property to the fullest.

We all know that because of the CoronaVirus all the marketing industry is being affected.
From our side, it actually looks like a great OPPORTUNITY!
We want to offer you extra unique monetization to take advantage of this situation.

Even during these hectic times, our teams are working around the clock to provide you with best quality traffic, safe ads, a 20% to your current CPM and a variety of ads units (including Direct links, AdBlock pop solution, PUSH and our Desktop Interstitial, a NEW AdUnit that will give your users the most comfortable ads in movies and music, main verticals nowadays).

You can sign up to our platform in the following link to learn more:[email protected]@I_nPm3wq9dEAXh79cTG6D-iYnnC3Du8g

Today more than ever: time is money!

Stay Safe,
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