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    Aug 1, 2018

    Hello guys!

    RedTrack doesn't stop answering your most common questions

    This week's Q&A session topic: Traffic Sources

    Our Lead Customer Success Manager will share her expertise in Traffic Sources and cover all your you have about tracking your affiliate marketing campaigns

    This Thursday you'll learn:

    - what is Traffic Source and how to work with it
    - the most widespread types of traffic (pop, push, native, in-app, display, social)
    - Traffic Sources setting process from A to Z
    - pre-set templates and set-up on Traffic Sources side ( PropellerAds, MGID, ExoClick, and custom sources cases)

    July 25, 4 pm (CET)

    Register by this link: http://bit.ly/2Y3FoxW

    Happy tracking and high ROI!
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    Aug 1, 2018

    Hello guys!

    New week - new Q&A session with RedTrack

    On the first day of August join us to learn it all about Affiliate Networks

    RedTrack Customer Success Manager Basil will share his expertise in the topic and cover the following issues:

    - What is an Affiliate Network and its role in the tracking process
    - How to choose Affiliate Network wisely and add it to RedTrack
    - How to add an Offer. The importance of click id
    - What are Postbacks and how to Set them in AN: MaxBounty, Alfaleads, TopOffers, ClickDealer showcases

    +answers to your burning questions!

    August 1, 4 pm (CET)
    Register by this link: http://bit.ly/31cLR6N
    See you soon!
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    Aug 1, 2018

    Does anyone want to learn how to start new ad campaigns fast and smooth with RedTrack?

    Join our Q&A session "Tracking. Creating a campaign" to learn all the tips and tricks


    July 8, 4 pm (CET)

    What will be at the webinar?

    The 1st half:

    - Demonstration of the process of creating a campaign from start to finish
    - Explanation of filtering options
    - Tracking links vs Tracking scripts. What to choose?

    The 2nd half will be entirely devoted to your questions

    Where to register?

    Follow the link to register at the webinar: https://www.webinars.redtrack.io/

    P.S. Check the schedule for future webinars and book your place in advance!
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    Aug 1, 2018

    Tomorrow RedTrack Q&A session topic is Tracking: Facebook

    Currently, Facebook is №1 social media network with more than a billion users worldwide. One of the best things about it is that you can find the audience for any product you promote here. No matter if it’s shoes or health products.

    Despite strict guidelines, Facebook can really become your Top source to achieve desirable results.

    Our Q&A session will be dedicated to the following issues:

    - How to add Facebook as a Traffic Source to RedTrack
    - What differs Facebook setup from the others
    - How to track Facebook parameters
    - No-redirect tracking
    - How to make tracking set-up in your Facebook account

    Register by this link: https://www.webinars.redtrack.io/

    July 15, 4 pm (CET)

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