1. RedSwitches

    RedSwitches Well-Known Member Web Host

    Dec 26, 2011
    Redswitches.com: When you buy a Redswitches dedicated server, you get a machine with resources solely allocated to your business.

    • Auto Reboot & Reinstall Panel
    • Bandwidth Graphs
    • On Demand IPMI/KVM Access
    • Choice of 1GE/2GE/10GE Uplink
    • Quality branded hardware
    • 5.5 Tbps Network Capacity
    • 24/7/365 Dedicated Support
    • Premium & Enterprise Network
    • State of Art Tier III Datacenter
    • Global server locations
    • Root access for complete control
    • Choice of upgradable options

    Find the best pricing on premium bare metal servers as Redswitches uses only top-quality branded hardware. All packages include free setup, generous amount of bandwidth* and DDoS protection.

    Processor: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1270v6
    RAM: 32 GB
    HDD: 1x 120GB SSD
    EUR: 110.00
    Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v2
    RAM: 64 GB
    HDD: 4x 3TB SATA
    EUR: 175.00
    Processor: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1230
    RAM: 16 GB
    HDD: 4x 3TB SATA
    EUR: 69.00
    Processor: 1x Intel Xeon X3440
    RAM: 16 GB
    HDD: 4x 3TB SATA
    EUR: 59.00

    Contact Us:
    Skype: sales-redswitches
    Email: [email protected]
    Live Chat: Click Here to chat with us.


    Customize your server

    It's your server, so it should do what you want it to. Add all the options you need to optimize performance and have your server ready to go from the very first moment.

    HDD & Ram Upgrade From: €20/m
    10 GE Uplink From: €150/m
    Unmetered Traffic From: €100/mo
    Acronis Backups From: €10/mo
    Managed Support From: €30/mo
    Windows License From: €20/mo


    1. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
    Our network connectivity also meets the highest standards - 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with our Service Level Agreement. Given our 24/7/365
    functionality and congestion-free network, we provide you with the fast and smooth service you demand.

    2. Is it possible to start off on a monthly plan and later switch to a yearly plan?

    Yes, This is absolutely Possible.

    3. Do you provide refunds after the server has been ordered?
    No, We do not provide any refunds on dedicated servers, Please get all your quarries cleared before hand!

    4. What methods of payment do you offer?

    Redswitches accepts all major credit & debit cards along with Moneybookers(Skrill),Paypal,Alertpay(payza),International Bank Transfer,Bitcoins.

    ¦ Have any other questions? ¦

    Contact us - [email protected]
    Website: Red Switches | Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting
  2. PeaceKeeper

    PeaceKeeper Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    1. I have been with another provider for several years. Do I get a discount on a change to you?

    2. "HDD & Ram Upgrade From: € 20 / m" - I find on your website to the servers unfortunately only over € 20 offers to HDD & Ram
  3. RedSwitches

    RedSwitches Well-Known Member Web Host

    Dec 26, 2011
    Hello PeaceKeeper ,

    Let us know configuration you are looking for, we will surely try to make best possible discount for you.
    Further, we request you that kindly get back to us on Skype: sales-redswitches

    Calvin K


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