1. D4rk DeMoN

    D4rk DeMoN Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2013

    Just STOP talking and everyone will be fine. If you have a brain, you can understand to not talk anymore.
  2. TheInsertus

    TheInsertus Well-Known Member

    May 2, 2017
    53 paid
    02 not yet
  3. ex-crkvice

    ex-crkvice Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2016
    I recieved 2 payments (09.Jan and 10.Jan) via BTC.
  4. hndude

    hndude Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    If you think being a man depends on how much you're making from this, then I'm a senior.
  5. PCH

    PCH Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2010
    yes paid
  6. trojan-killer

    trojan-killer Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2015
    Just to make it clear, rapidgator is not a host that i use, but, i like to read what people talk.

    You are the most wannabe user that i have read on this forum. In my 20 years on internet one of the most idiots that have cross my eyes. English is not my native language so i have a clear idea that for some people are hard writing on English, but for God's sake, half of what you write is out of any sense or logic. What i find even more ridiculous on you, is the lack of conscience you have about the absurdities you write, and the lack of understanding that people care a complete sh1tty about what you write, because is evident, that you are a dam moron! Take my advice child, and yes, child, because i have no doubt that you can only be a 2 years child with the intellect of a frog and body of a monkey. Stop reply nonsense! Yes nonsense! Do you know what is nonsense! Grab a dictionary and search it! You need it! Jesus Christ! If i had a user like this one in any forum i administrate i will ban him right way! Bigger moron that this guy i have only know one! A guy that comes all days reply thank you in every single topic and believes that is creating a piece of art. When got banned forever, for sure thought how unfair is the world to him! Stop spamming! Buy 2 cents of neurons in any pharmacy. You need them!

    Sorry for the spam, this guy irritates!
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  7. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015

    Look To make a team for spamm its a easy thing :) if you think with the help of this u can be popular so man u are small kid :) I
    if u think with the help of me u can be in lime light so yes man u will be but only in ur dreams :)
    you know what rapidgator paying to every one but still some kids uploaders trying to fight and complaining u know why ? because they want to work and they want all left but this thing is impossible :)
    You talk about my you are right some where i m not very good in english are good in arabic ? are u good in french turkish language :) are u good in punjabi and hindi ?
    like you kind of kids always love to fight on languages also woww omg! atleast i m trying to make sure all yes what rapidgator dliever to all and what i can do for them.
    I always say what is truth u always say and ur baby kids uploaders what makes no sense u come for money like a beggars i come here for my team for my friends thn somewhere u can say i come for money also in the end only. :) If you say u dont understand all these things what i m typing thn go to hospital and fix google translate if this wont possible thn say to ur self u are nothing just a damm dustbin box :) u understand ? u better understand small kid next time think before speak because I m a MrPerfect :)
    To all Rapidgator users beaware with these kids they spamming fighting and abusing to me everywhere so concentrate on ur work forget about these spammers
    Congrates ti all users Rapidgaqtor paid too all again :) once i will know about these users ids and contents i will show to them how u will feel whn ur account will be terminate say to rapidgator staff u are jealous with them u earn with rapidgator and u guys talk wrong thing behind rapidgator shame on you kids and u are such a idiot worst person i ever seen who came and jumped on this thread trojan killer :)

  8. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    This idiot MrIdiot considers himself smart. This Loser needs someone to talk as he has noone to talk with and desperate for a talk. Come on moron, have some self respect as all members are laughing at your Idiotic act. Last but not the least Request your mom to get you the feeding bottle and join kindergarten.
  9. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    All users like you :) Oh come one man :) is there any sense :) you and ur friend :) carry on baby kid :) why u replying its mean u loving :) its mean u thinking about me day and night :) its mean i m spoiling your life :) hahahahah when u came from skyp go back to sky and watch us hows we work and hows we earn :) god knows i m honest since day one u are idiot kid and useless :)
    You know i feel these kind of kids fighting for rapidgator sales :) hahaaha they say to users they dont get sales in reality they get sales and they all including u want to leave all of us :) such a dramatic kid
    kid speak urdu kid speak english i know all :) hahahaha baby bay go go eat some foood drink some milk :) come bck again with logic words :) goodbye

    Sorry rapidgator users and wj staff i m talking like this because some fools over here and talking trash ..
  10. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    This psycho as soon as got added in my skype started calling me. Desperate guy. Noone to talk to and shocking thing was he asked me to show him where I post and what is my login on forums and Rapidgator. This says the whole story, that he is a loser with no money and wants to see what others are posting and earning. Tell your mom to buy you some toys and some bones.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015

    Dude this kind of screenshots i did also posts wj staff said this is not our personal matter so kid scammer dont spamm here :) u talk whatever u talk all bullshits :)
    who care about this ? do u think any of us care about this ? did i killed u ? did u stolen your money u are beggar ok dont react like a 10year baby boy mummy mummy he did this and that :)
    next time think before speak u are azhar ali ? pakistani cricketer did u ever seen ur face to be like him ? or u are mohammad ali ? boxer ? u are just a noob ok just complain about me to staff if u are good they will see and what u are ? what u did in ur life? what u achieved ? show me ur one post kid ? i did what best for the uploaders i did every thing dont compare me ok :) just go and work and do robbing :) dont come for chat because i dont talk with loosers if i ever get ur rapidgator account i will show u who i m ur account will be terminate like u ur team mates too thn u will know who i m:) now get lost u guys made for cheating and cryme and i dont talk with those users.

  12. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    This scammer was asking me for my Rapidgator login id. If you are supposed to help uploaders, why do you need their account details. The scammer claims that he has contacts with Rapidgator Admin. LAMO faker.

    Moron will write another story now. LAMO

    Scam alert... Proof in Screenshot/

  13. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015

    Well if someone asked u your id for sure he knew that u are a big kid thats why u created fake id and went there for confidential thing :)
    If someone asked u come on call thn u dropped call and said no no i cant come on call because smart worker always knows who is fake and who is real :)
    in other hand why person asked u about ur rapidgator username :) think think to catch u to report rapidgator u kids making issues on wj or may be to know u are member or not in rapidgator :)
    so what proof u gave little jurk :) think think come with good proofs ;)
    Moral of the story is some jealousy guys moving here and there and they trying to be honest and humble they trying to be wellwisher but in reality they are thieves just like this trojan stupid little guy :)
    I can bet with him many more stupids available who cares about your proof ? give ur proof u are rapidgator user :) if you are honest give ur screenshot with ur profile have guts ? so stay away :)
    u making fool to whome ? u making fool to wj universe? oh my goodness :) u are brainless :) they know what is fact and what is truth so dont guide staff knowsreality some time they take action some time they dont so dont make kids issues we had before a years same things u are good u are genuine u are big uploader or webmaster? listen my foot go to hell and dont cross ur limit because i m MrPerfect :) you cant buy this man because u dont have that much money or any thing because i m not for sell like u and ur kids friends ;) do whatever u want to do man who cares we dont care we loved rapidgator we love rapidgator and we will always love.. :) and yes i m lover of rapidgator & u are servant of filehosts ;) and beggar of webmasters ;)

    Goodluck Thank you :)
  14. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    Use black. blue, red or any color MrScammer, it has been proved that you are a Rapidgator Scammer In the pretext of helping , you try to find personal details of the member and noone is as stupid as you to give all details.. stf, who are you to ask and verify about one's personal identity moron.
  15. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    I think you are Drunk Your bottle not going to be finish i guess am i right ? u coming every time to proof your self you are right :) you know kid i did many times when u kind of kids came to me and abused and said many thing wrong to me my religion and my country :) at that time what staff said to me ? u know big kid with small mind u know what they said? this is not our personal matter :)
    I was silent i said ok its ok i can understand thn i left because i know u kids making issues because of my success and popularity :)
    Do one thing make more skype accounts and talk trash and show one individual line he asked this and that :)
    why u dont say what u did and ur friends did :) if u come with fake account in any place they will investigate they will try to know about ur identity if u are thief od any website if they will doubt on u they will ask every thing which makes them satisfy u got my ans ? me and my team knows better and we are together and we will be forever together do whatever u want to do man rapidgator gonna kick your Ass for sure believe that Wj staff and universe knows every thing who is good who is bed ? what u did for wj users did u ever gave websites access? premium accounts or free rdp ? dont s ay yes i did because u are beggar and ur team mates too i did all the things ok ? Do your best to win against me who cares ? shout shout we are here we all going to see what u gonna do next big kid with cheap mind :) Thank you for your time to make sure us still some kids available for fighting :)
  16. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    Change your username to MrSpammer or MrScammer. and try to do some exercise of your brain. and find a community for mentally regarded people like you and show your talent there..
  17. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    For sure i will go to hospital i will inform them i m going to come with one Kid Noob please check him and admit him in your hospital :)
    Well you calling me MrSpammer or MrScammer oh baby girl :) listen you calling your name oh my goodness :) why u repeat your name all the time :) oh u miss somebody not telling to u :)
    I think your are upset and sick do one thing go to your near hospital say to them my name Mr perfect said give me treatment free of cost :) they will give u for sure :) you kidda bacha small chooza :) MrPerfect always perfect because Wj universe always give love to me and i love them all ok so go try in any other place your bed words and ur opinions :)
    Thank you Kid for your time enjoy your day and please must go for treatment :)
  18. skyton

    skyton Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    Everyone here cant be wrong by saying you are a mentally retarded moron. Did you drink donkey's milk when you were a kid?
  19. Moloch

    Moloch Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2016
    But stop with these stupid comments
  20. MrPerfect

    MrPerfect Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    U did because u knows better i never knew,
    u know better bcoz u r addicted ;)
    Kid shouting somebody help help he is trying to be popular with MrPerfect :) hahahah small kid chooza :)
    You know what with all these things u showing u are egar to win against me and eager to get some sympathy. lions never need anyone :)
    Because we are since day one best with our honesty and humbleness :)
    U are kid make dramas and come with ur stupid kids team :) i will enjoy i love to compete because i m born for this good luck :)
    You know what your dream is to get ban me from wjunction :) am i right :) will u make christmas ? or Diwali ? Or Eid that day ? kid u will not celebrate any thing u ar Probably a jerk.
    So Mr dumbbell sky :) next time compete with those to whome u can win i m alone and i m MrPerfect :) God with me and wj universe knows my heart and my words :) atleast whatever i say i say at the same time infront of u got it ? you fool :) enjoy la la la la i m enjoying music what u doing ? making ideas hahahaha go with bay bay enjoy

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