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Push.House is an advertising platform for push notifications!

Rate our user-friendly interface, a simple registration form and the ability to sign up through social networks. But, of course, these are not all the advantages of the platform.

Key advantages of the Push.House advertising network

- -25% discount if you pour traffic to the news site
- the ability to disable traffic from selected feeds
- internal spy push service, free!
- referral program
- 10+ payment systems and direct recharge with cryptocurrency
- minimum replenishment amount of $ 50
- black / white lists
- bonuses for replenishment up to 10%
- choice of uniqueness of the ad by link / domain / ad
- fast moderation (up to 30 minutes)
- postback with conversion and real-time ROI calculation
- exclusively unique transitions (replays are sent free of charge)
- personal manager for each profile

There are also nice buns:

1. Discounts for newsletters and for PC traffic - if you pour traffic to the news portal, and not the landing page, you get a discount for the click rate. It can be beneficial, for example, in forex offers.
2. Ready creos is an internal push notification push service that allows you to create your own campaign in 2 clicks from the ready push.
3. Humanity - Team Push.House pros with positive reviews. Moderators work 24/7 in order to launch your campaign at any time of the day up to half an hour!

Bonuses to all Push.House advertisers when replenishing their account:
1000 $ - 1%
2000 $ - 2%
3000 $ - 3%
4000 $ - 4%
$ 5,000 - 5%
$ 6,000 - 6%
$ 7,000 - 7%
$ 8,000 - 8%
$ 9,000 - 9%
$ 10,000-10%

Network volumes: Base of more than 35 million Active subscriptions
Coverage of PUSH notification : over 180 countries
We use RTB: bidding for real-time traffic
LIVE statistics: Real-time statistics display
We have created excellent conditions for the effective work of advertising on the Internet.
Personal account tools allow you to create campaigns yourself, manage finances, analyze the advertising process, and increase sales.

For beginners who are just discovering the world of push, or for guys who have long been in search of push nets with a normal base. If you knock on the manager in the message, you can get a promo and personally test Push House.
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What is the guarantee that in future there will be no conflict between publishers and you guys ??

In case there is conflict between You guys and publisher then you will simply disable their earnings and show notifications to subscribers and will keep on earning..
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