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Hey everyone, we're Pornsera, we're a streaming site as well as forums and a community, we're currently looking for some feedback on our site and features to improve upon. We're a little empty at the moment but don't be afraid to drop by and fill us up ;)


We made the site around a month ago looking to fill the gap yespornplease left behind while also putting our own little twist on it. We currently have a fully working streaming platform for uploaders to post videos as well as forums to share pictures and have a chat in. All created using none conventional means so we have more control over features for you guys than your typical forum clone.

And we've just rolled out our new Beta Theme!


We have a full mobile friendly streaming section which you can search through but you can also filter by category, as well as streaming there's also the opportunity to download the video to your local computer allowing you to watch without internet! We currently allow videos from various hosts which also allow you guys to make money! Both by streams and downloads.


Watching videos not your thing ? Don't worry we've got you covered, we've got fully functioning forums which allow you to share and download photos at will, as well as to have a chat with others of similar interests or even just to hang out and talk. Want to help us expand on our current forum offerings, drop yours thoughts below!

All free! but supporting providers!

We're not taking any cuts of your videos or downloads, we're exclusively running on advertisements and even better, if you register an account you get the site pop ad free!* We're just that nice. This allows you as providers to generate money using your own links which don't even have to be exclusively shared with us!

*Advertisements from providers videos will never be removed.


This thread should be used for feedback and ideas only please, for advertisements, link exchanges or positions use our other thread blow. Thanks :)
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