Please my java assignement


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Hello friends please give me this assignment

Java Assignment 1

1. Facorial of a number
2. check whether given string is palindrome or not
3. print the series 3 6 9 12 ........
4 use all the string factions of java
5. example on constructor overloading
6. make use of this keyword
7 use the concept of pass by value and pass by reference
8 lit all access specifiers and list all primitive data type
9 concept of one dimensional array and 2 dimensional array with your own example
10 passing command line argument using IDE as well as command prompt
11 boxing and unboxing examples.
12 string builder class methods

Java Programs Assignment 2:

1 Print Hello World
2 program using different data types and print it
3 write a program that accept a letter as an input and checks whether the entered letter is a vowel or a consonant
4 check hether a given number i even or not
5 write a program to develop a menu for the calculator program. Accept the choice from the user and display an appropriate message. Further, to contiue with the menu, ask for confirmatin in Yes/No
6 write a program to display the sum of all the digits for the accepted number.
for example, if number entered as 1345, then sum of all digit will be 1+ 3 + 4+ 5
7 program using constructor
8 program using a class and methods.

Please help this assigment :(

Thank You
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This is a blog that I'm using as a reference:

There are some information there about java basics and arrays, etc.

The blog is good but the video that the author created on youtube is messy and too long. I hope the author redo the videos to smaller parts.
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