1. john@wwwatch

    [email protected] Member

    Nov 17, 2018
    Well, as I have been worked with many affiliate programs in fast, most of them were adult and when Payoneer popped up, all of those networks got some Payoneer promo's and they were among first customer base for Payoneer. After several years, Payoneer has been expanded it customer base to non-adult and nowadays, they do not accept adult businesses. It's a shame that they weren't been able to offer some alternative (forget Firstchoicepay, that was intentional closure) and they still don't put any effort to get back those businesses. My last transaction on their platform was at July 2018 and there won't be any in future. Besides Paxum, I believe there's room for one of those payment/card business related to adult/entertainment industry, so if anyone here has some cash and devs, I guess I have you great business opportunity.

    Please share your thoughts on Payoneer.

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