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Payoneer - Problems

Dear Members,

I in about May,2012 taked a Adworkmedia Payoneer card.Cool,i received it,but not used,but activated so it was ready for use.From November 4 I started working on Cpagrip its cool cpanetwork,and my biggest problem is I can't take payments with Local Bank Transfers.So i tried connect on same account too local bank transfers.

Why I taked payoneer local bank transfers - because only 5-6$(from 200$ receive)

I tried write application so i saw it and application disclaimed.I writed messages to payoneer about it,so local bank plan on payoneer account was repaired(and writed message about i wanna cancel adworkmedia payoneer card),but not connected with Cpagrip(Gripped media)

So came day when they requested a ID Card and I sent. OK,I sent but no answer from payoneer,when i sent ID Card 10days ago. I contacted with Cpagrip administrator John so this people gave me solution - write to live chat and.....

I saw much things,but i can't believe what i saw today :cursing:

Anyone can give tips or solutions.I never saw when bank companies said - undisclosed reasons.
No answer to email more than 10days.Support too sleeping,where is problem?
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