- Video/MP3/Image/File - Up to 40$/10k - Unlimited Speed - No Premium Acc

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first of all sorry for the delayed comment from my side here.
As you already saw we will close our affiliate program.
Any balances which will exceed 20 usd will be paid out.

Unfortunately we had to do this step due to recent events and ongoing weakness in generating revenue from advertising.
In order to keep the service alive and stable we have to go this way.

Best Regards


Thanks to Openload for all the effort it has done for users over the years.
Openload use since I opened and did not reach the minimum to charge would like to know if they could make an exception and pay me at least paypal what I get to get since they are going to withdraw the affiliate program.
ID: 16b23be8fec2e504
My account is paypal is the same as the mail.
Thank you.
So is it just the affiliate program closing down? Or is the site completely shutting down?

Just wondering if all the files that are online are going to vanish
That you stopped the program, I think a great pity.
Are you planning to start again or not?

Many websites, so you know for sure, will replace your links and stop using the service. That could be very bad for you, too.


unfortunately those step has been made.
All our decisions are final.
We are aware of the consequences.

Best Regards
upload in openload recently months is a nightmare, i tried from spain, uk, france and is VERY SLOW, using zoom, ftp upload, normal upload in the page... please do something.
Well, you can hide the player behind a photo and have your own pop-up on it. You can find solutions. I only hope they will start to give benefits to users that bring a lot of traffic, like fewer ads or something.
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