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    Aug 1, 2018
    Hey-hey, guys!

    Are your ready for the next-level of tracking?

    RedTrack makes huge steps towards highly automated solutions
    You can enjoy automatic cost update feature right now! Receive the latest data directly from traffic source and stop wasting your time on routine and repetitive tasks

    What you get with Auto Update Cost:

    no tedious manual work
    ✔️more time for strategic and tactical issues
    ✔️available for all traffic sources by request
    ✔️already included in your subscription plan

    Want to learn more or try this feature? Visit our blog and contact us at [email protected]

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    Aug 1, 2018

    A revolutionary set of automation features is publicly released. This time RedTrack makes a huge step to the whole industry change.
    The full automation of all the routine and repetitive tasks becomes closer than ever

    Now with RedTrack, you can optimize your campaigns, stream, landing pages by setting rules. Set KPIs and get your traffic automatically paused or redistributed when they are met. Or simply assign the whole work to RedTrack with stream auto-optimization.

    Read the article to learn:

    • What is automation
    • What are RedTrack new automation&optimization features
    • What is the difference between stream optimization and stream auto-optimization
    • How to maximize the benefits of automation features for your business
    • How to get automation features right now

    The article -> https://redtrack.io/automate-your-tracking-with-redtrack/

    Happy and effective tracking!
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