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    Aug 8, 2019
    New AutoSurf Website!

    What is AutoSurf/AutoPilot?

    It is an online app which browses other websites by itself. By doing this you earn points, which are spent on your own website visits - which you can convert into real money.

    There is no PREMIUM account here at FreeAutoTraffic. We give premium features to all of our FREE users!

    -Increase YouTube potential, exposure and views
    -Earn money from ads, CPM, PTP, link shorteners, blogs...
    -View duration from 5s - 120s
    -Custom GEO Targeting
    -URL Referrer/Source
    -User Agent
    -Automatic and fully autopilot

    We are giving all new members 250 free points to start off. Cash in your visits for free now at:

    Autopilot method to earn money AUTOMATICALLY while YOU SLEEP!
    Requires NO knowledge or skill
    Very quick and easy to setup
    The earnings can be boosted and multiplied exponentially

    How Do I Start?
    1. Go to https://freeautotraffic.com/ and register an account for free.
    2. Login and Add your PTP links. You will ALREADY have FREE points to spend in your account.
    3. Start the exchanger and earn more points to boost and multiply your earnings.
    Use several different PTP websites and compare how much you make. See which makes you the most money!
    Top PTP Sites to use with FreeAutoTraffic:
    Some of these payout in BitCoin! Earn While You Can!


    STOP wasting your time online and START earning free money in the background! Get PAID to sleep starting now!

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