1. Tennouji

    Tennouji Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2012
    I thought literally today that it's about time that I try for VAST in a tube site we have and I decided to look for networks to be in. I managed to try Exoclick earlier, had it set up and I'm not sure if I'm doing great.

    But honestly, I have no idea if the rates are worth compared to the pre-roll's intrusion to my audience since I haven't gotten any feedback yet. I kind of liked the idea of pre-rolls and I thought that I can maybe replace the popunder adverts with it if the audience finds it alright and more preferrable than popunders. Though it seemed to be way lower than the in-video banner revenue I get from JuicyAds. I'm not really sure if Exoclick just pays less than JuicyAds in general or if VAST pre-rolls just had low rates than other ad formats.

    So here I am, looking for other networks with VAST advert formats and accepts adult traffic. I'm thinking about checking how my traffic will perform for VAST adverts of each network and get a better grasp of both the rates and weigh it over my audience's feedback before finally deciding which network, or if I really should put VAST pre-rolls on the video player.
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  2. pze

    pze Member

    Mar 11, 2018
    try trafficstar or clickadu..
  3. Sevak

    Sevak New Member

    Jun 26, 2018
    Hey guys, now AdSpyglass.com supports VAST in Pre-roll, Slider (IM like ads) and in Player overlay
    So you can run it in your video player, or in the IM or in our overlay player if your player doesn't support vast or you use embeds
    We will show ads with the highest CPMs from the ad networks listed below

    For mainstream we works with:
    • Adsterra
    • Adsupply
    • Exoclick
    • Runative

    For adult:
    • Adnium
    • Adsterra
    • Clickadu
    • Clickaine
    • Doublepimp
    • Exoclick
    • Trafficstars
    • Trafficforce

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