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The is no longer required.

Hello guys,
Name of your site: WarezForums
Link to the forum:
Genre: Warez
Forum Software: Mybb
Position available: 1
Is it a paid position: No
Why are you requesting staff:

We are looking for a moderator to join our team (someone with experience is a big advantage!).
It's not a job, it's something you do in your free time and out of joy.
What you get when you join is becoming part of a loving and friendly team , later as we progress premium accounts, invites, etc..
What we expect from you is to check ,whenever possible, if the members following the guidelines, to check for dead links and to help other members if there's a need to.
The forum is not an old one but it's growing pretty fast, you can check that yourself :)
If you're interested please register in the website and then send pm either to me or to the admin Massacre.

Please state in the message why you're interested in the position.

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