- Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

Sooo, last week 140 $ with 2x0 day sales (yesterday) and today i get 97 $, weird no?
This 140 $ week is the lowest this year i think.
is this on k2s? do you work on filejoker? where is better?
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I did an experiment uploaded a little material on both sites - on filejoker was 2 sales and rebill, on k2s - 0!
but I haven't tested it over the long term.
both sites have a small file retention period - that's not serious!
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@Jeff_K2S I have seen that some links are randomly available only for premium users (even though they are marked as free). Please find a solution.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify your account from a forum post and, therefore, localize and solve the problem. It is not clear what account or file we are talking about.
I recommend contacting our support team. Contacts in the signature to this message
I have cooperated with many filehosts, some filehosts have never received a refund, some filehosts have only received 2-3 refunds a year, but here I received 1-5 refunds every week. I have not seen any filehost that is easy get refunded like this filehost