Iphone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S7

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Title say it all, what do you think who is better?

I plan to buy one of those and i would like to hear opinions (logical).

No need to say iOs is faster it's 2017 and android don't lack behind it at all, no need to start fanboy wars here that is why it would be nice to have some real reason to pick one over the other.. :)
Depends on what you need

hey Davor,
if you're after the looks, then iPhone is still on top of its game, in my humble opinion. If you want the optimal quality-price ratio, I'd consider Samsung if I were you - and if you go for a Galaxy S7, choose the Edge model, not because of the curves but because it has seriously larger battery.
If samsung is compared with iphone, iphone wins by miles. If you compare the google pixel, then we are talking some competition.
MAC leaves you alone

The MAC way of doing things "leaves you alone" and the PC way of doing things "interrupts you constantly". It is mainly that one thing that makes me prefer my MAC to my PC.

I am gonna take my PC in to have those alerts and upgrade/security notices disabled, then my PC would be almost as nice as my MAC.

The other thing is that with iOS and MAC, I can easily use air drop to share files; and the MAC trackpad and zoom features along with the audio and visual controls are superior in practically every way. MAC does not want me to know that they are smart or that they even exist, PC is constantly reminding me how complex and important they are and how urgent it is to spend another hour mastering the critical technology behind the scenes.

I need both.
It's more an IOS vs Android decision. Both devices are nice. If you choose for Android, there's a lot of better and cheaper phones than Galaxy S7, like Nexus, OnePlus and others.
I think it depends on the needs of the user.

I would vote for Samsung over iPhone. It does everything that needed, and is not limited to Apple's propriety defaults.
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