1. ClinixPlus

    ClinixPlus New Member

    Jun 17, 2017
    I have a website which is SEO friendly links but here is a problem with the keywords like (Ativan). It shows 404 error when I was searching keyword like that . Could everyone resolve it ?
  2. SolaDrive.com

    SolaDrive.com Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2017
    Google explains how to fix this by placing redirects on these empty pages or directories. I believe you can also upload a sitemap that helps eliminate this as well.
  3. breeze_host

    breeze_host Active Member

    Sep 7, 2017
    Remove 404 error

    You can follow one of the below possible suggestions:

    1. You can rename the file which shows 404 error or
    2. You can delete the existing file & then upload it again.

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