1. Can1020

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    Nov 27, 2017
    We are looking for motivated and enterprising IOS / Ethereum developers (in a maximum of 3) to be integrated into a new emerging startup, for the development of a mobile application that will include in-app purchases through token ethereum.
    The application will be financed by an ICO (Initial coin offering) that will be proposed in early 2019. An initial budget is foreseen to start the work, but who decides to undertake this adventure will have to estimate that a large part of the compensation will be given by the funds collected in ICO (it can be an advantage or a disadvantage, this is up to you to decide ), so if you do not believe in the idea, which will be exposed later, I advise you to not give the availability.

    An excellent knowledge of Swift, Mysql, Solidity is required (It is not necessary to know all three languages, as mentioned above it will be a job to be done in a team with different skills)
    - Team work ability
    - Graditing the knowledge of objetive C, HTML5 / CSS3, javascript, AngularJS

    Send me a pm or an email devappnasty[at]gmail. com

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