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A few days ago I asked for a payment by paypal and the payment did not arrive, the company administrator told me that he had sent me the payment to a BTC account, the detail is that I did not have a BTC account until then I made an account in blockchain with the intention of being able to access the funds of the address they sent me but when importing the account it tells me Non-Spendable.
investigating a bit I read that a private key is missing to be able to have that amount but I can't find it. I consult the administrator and he tells me that I should look for the key and that he doesn't have it.
even then he told me that he deposited me in Webmoney but that he should first reimburse what he had sent me by BTC
I would not know if they are cheating me or if I have really made a mistake at some point
I would appreciate some understanding that can help me solve this problem
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I may be wrong I dont follow crypto much.

If they sent to a seemingly random bitcoin/wrong bitcoin address, there is no way for you to access the payment.
I'm sure the person that sent the transaction would know this, or know who the transaction went to.


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That is the detail now it has left me to my luck saying that this is my business
doing a research on the BTC account where supposedly sent is one that you find on the internet with a simple google search
I will publish the communication by mail so that they understand more what happened
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Give me your pp here

my pp is

checking wait till tomorrow

Hi we sent to your BTC:

I did not provide any purse address beforehand how can I withdraw it?

How you add this address? how you find this btc address? or other sites?

please I am trying to use these funds but give me this message
I even asked for my personal wallet code

Sell to other wallet . and back to my wallet i will send wmz to you.

thank you very much this is my wmz

First please refund money to our btc wallet this address:

What is the code that I must put here I do not know the first time I use this type of purse

Don't put code
please add in the "to" my btc address
and add amount and submit "continue"

blockchain tells me that I must have that code to send it.
It is even because of the lack of this code that I have not been able to use the funds sent

I don't know please search blockchain "please enter your code" and see videos

I already researched and the missing code you generated it while you did not send it to me I can not use the funds or you will be reimbursed unless it is a mistake for not receiving the corresponding payment
I would appreciate checking the missing code in your file

That BTC purse who is it?
since it is not my property
How did you assume that I have access to it or that I know your verification code?

please send me the private key to proceed as it should since the funds are not accessible without that I feel cheated

We don't add private key. we send money everytime without code to uploaders

the same blockchain tells me that it is an account just to see and that I must enter the private key to access

you should find key by other way , we don't have key man

but until this morning I didn't have a BTC or blockchain account, that's why I don't know the private key

You send me a BTC public account. You tell me that I am responsible. It would be easier to say that the payment was lost and I do not want to take responsibility instead of having me looking around for a solution that does not exist.

Hey man don't our waste time , go and search this problem we sent this money few days ago .its your problem
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If you don't have the private key then the btc is lost. There isn't any other way.

Also that doesn't seem like a valid btc address. Is it registered in the blockchain log?


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I'm a Crypto expert so let me tell you this.
1. The btc is gone stop stressing
2. I wouldn't trust this company if I were you, I'll move on to better platforms out there. This company isn't being straight with you and now is the best time to end your relationship with them
Thanks a lot
the truth is that if that is what I have begun to see who to go with
I didn't think that for $ 50.00 Katfile could do this
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