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    Jan 21, 2016
    Domain Name: hqvisitors.com
    Registered With: Godaddy

    Expires: 08/25/2017
    Price or Starting Bid:Starting BID is 500$

    Methods of Payment
    (Paypal, ESCROW)
    If Auction: Yes

    Auction End Date: A WEEK FROM NOW

    BIN (Buy It Now) Price: 2500$ (Accepting offers)

    Proof of ownership


    File Verification from the server : http://hqvisitors.com/proof.txt

    PS: Scroll down for more awesome earnings and traffic proofs


    Starting a profitable website can be very hard. It will take a lot of time and effort to get it done. Hqvisitors is a ready business that has all the features and options to start making you money from tomorrow.

    We spent more than 3 months coding a special and unique software to generate traffic (direct or organic) to any website you want.

    Why "Selling Traffic" niche ?

    Simple reason is that this particular niche is one of the highest paying in the field. The other thing that will help you is that Hqvisitors.com doesn't need any extra fees as we already have our Software. you won't need to outsource anything.

    How can you make money with Hqvisitors.com?

    BY SELLING THE TRAFFIC: you can sell traffic packages to clients. It takes literally 2 minutes to start a campaign for a client . So this is how your business model will run :
    Client orders a package - You simply fill in the software his informations- Traffic run - You make quick and easy cash.

    BY SELLING THE SOFTWARE: The earnings in the attachments are only from selling the software. we used to sell traffic packages but we were very lazy to continue doing so.
    Selling the software is run using DPD(Digital product delivery) : once the clients pays for the software they will get automatically an email with the download link. You won't even need to deal with clients.

    What is that software you keep talking about?

    It's called GOSS ( google organic search script) and it's our baby :). We spent several months studying the google analytic algorithm until we developed a special script that can generate visits from search engines (google/yahoo) to your websites. Those visitors replicate the same human behavior on a website: scrolling, clicking on links, staying on the website...

    GOSS features :

    Add any keywords you want and you'll find it on analytic
    Set the duration time you want.
    Lower the Alexa rank.
    Multiple visitors platforms.
    Very low bounce rate
    and many more.

    Website Promotion:

    We used to be ranked (and still) on Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keywords: "buy organic traffic" - "buy organic visitors". Theses 2 keywords are buyer keywords. I think we're also in for premium organic traffic provider .

    We've tested Facebook ads (on may) and the results were very great with more than 20 sold copy. The buyer will get our complete ad details including images and headlines.

    The website is also promoted on 3 forums where we get many sales (the buyer will get informations about the forums. but no account will be sold. NONE !!! I REPEAT NONE!!!)

    The buyer will get Our EXACT strategy to drive conversions from Facebook ads. You replicate it and you start making money.

    Website Earnings :

    April : 245$
    May: 1800$
    June: 360$
    July: 570$
    August: 420$

    What the winner will get:

    All files and databases.
    Facebook page with more than 500 likes.
    Subscribers list with more than 700 very targeted emails. (BIN WINNER)
    Domain name pushed to your account.
    GOSS with the source code .
    Complete and fast 60 days support for any issue or problem.
    All Hqvisitors resources login info : VPSs, Proxies...
    All Hqvisitors banners and creative ads for the affiliate program.
    Our EXACT Strategy for facebook advertising: (Adsets, Texts, Banners, ads, Pictures ....)*
    This is a one in a million chance to acquire an already making money website by investing in this ready business. Selling traffic is by far one of the most profitable and lucrative model in the marketing online field. Bid with confidence to own HQVISITORS.COM.

    Contact infos :
    Serious buyers can get my personal skype and facebook.

    Good luck to everyone.

    PS: to mods: If my post needs any more informations please do let me know.


    Added after 7 Days 22 Hours:

    The website is still for sale.
    Taking offers

    Accepting offers
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  2. yuuzokun

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    Jan 21, 2016
    The Website is still for sale and I'm open to offers

    Edit: Reuploaded the proof file
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    Dec 15, 2010
  4. yuuzokun

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    Jan 21, 2016
    For not paying a sucess fee long time ago :)
    If you have more questions feel free to ask !

    Added after 2 Days 23 Hours:

    The website is for still sale
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