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    Jun 28, 2009
    How To Use Gradient Maps In Adobe Photoshop



    Using gradient maps can change everything about an image. They can be used for many different effects.

    Use the gradient map tool instead of gradient(fill) for better results and non-destructive gradient effects.

    This tutorial will go through the basics.

    Time needed: 10 mins
    Experience level: Beginner

    Step 1:

    Open the file or image you want to use. I will be using this wallpaper: http://i.imgur.com/68hoG1Lh.jpg


    Step 2:

    Go to: "Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map..." to create a new gradient map layer.


    Step 3:

    Name your layer and edit the opacity to what you need. For this tutorial, I will keep the opacity at 100%, it can always be changed later.


    Step 4:

    The small arrow to the right of the gradient allows you to pick a gradient from a range of presets. You can create or download custom preset gradients.


    Step 5:

    Here is an example of a commonly used preset:


    Step 6:

    To customise or create your own gradient, click on the gradient itself.


    Step 7:

    Doubleclick on the arrows on the bottom of the gradient to edit the colour. For beginners, test and try it out all you want. You'll easily learn which gradients look good and which ones you require for certain effects.

    You can drag these arrows left and right to edit the position of the gradient or edit their location along the gradient using the "Location" option underneath - between 0% and 100%.


    Step 8:

    Here is one I created as an example:


    This is the effect I was able to create:


    Step 9:

    You can edit the opacity of the gradient map layer just like any other layer to decrease the visibility of the gradient.


    This is how it looks at a 70% opacity:


    That's all the basics covered. You can edit the colours along your gradient or choose and edit preset gradients. If you're a beginner, try to experiment with as many different combinations as you can to understand how different colours create different effects.

    Different Alterations:






    Download the PSD (Watermarked - Learning purposes ONLY)

    Reply here if you have any questions or anything to add to this tutorial.
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    I Love U <3
    I didnt know how to use photoshop and just taught me on how to do one thing in it :P
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    Jun 28, 2009
    ^ Great to see you found it useful :) ...and this tutorial is doing it's job.
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    Sep 3, 2010
    how did you do this

  5. SJshah

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    Jun 28, 2009
    If you download the .psd file it will be the layer called "Gradient Map 3", doubleclick the layer to see the gradient.

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    Sep 3, 2010
    can you upload your PSD in other host cause in mega not to work with me...

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    Jun 28, 2009
    ^ Uploaded to mediafire, link is in the original post.
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    thanks for the other host...
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    thanks dude!
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    Wow, great. Think you for sharing this informative tutorial. Waiting for your next tutorial.
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    Thank you for sharing this tutorial really helpful.
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    Nice work. Thank you for sharing this important tutorial. Waiting for the next.
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    It's a very important tutorial. I like it very much.
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    cool and easy tutorial, i always use gradient map in making a lomo effect
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    Seriously a great post, thanks you so much.
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    thanks bro. I love using gradient but don't very good at it.
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    which version of photoshop is used in this tutorial ? Thanks

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